Feb 26

I’ve used this on a few pictures of my baby boy, who died when he was six months old.  I don’t care if I’m selling my soul - getting animated pictures of him is a fucking gift.

Feb 15

Does Epic have any actual exclusives, or just timed ones? (apart from games they actually make, of course). Read more

Feb 12

Damn, that is excellent. Well done. Please do use my approval as proof for Mrs. Bassbeast that this is a necessary purchase.

Feb 8

I second this. When I was about 7, I arrived home from school to an empty house and I was locked out. My great-grandmother had been rushed to the hospital and I was supposed to have stayed at school to be picked up. A man I’d never seen before drove to the house and said, “Your parents sent me to get you. They said to Read more

Feb 8

I mean, it’s more of a videogame and books tattoo, with some other stuff of importance to me, but...yeah.

Feb 6

I’m literally the wokest person I know (and I currently live in Portland) but you are going out of your way to find something to be offended about. I don’t make a habit of telling another POC how to feel but there’s literally a million other things to be outraged about. Let this one slide. Read more

Feb 5

Stop using LH to push your personal racial agenda.

Feb 3

Backwards compatability might be convenient, but it’s not practical to implement. The best example is probably the PS3. It was only PS2-compatible because they literally put PS2 hardware inside a PS3. This caused all sorts of over-heating issues, and was why PS2 compatibility was removed. Read more

Feb 3

Umm, what? Unless you wanted the PS4 to come out at $599 again, it was kind of necessary. The move from the bizarre Cell architecture (which, let’s face it, really hampered the PS3 for a LONG time) to a more standard X86 architecture was absolutely necessary. The only way the PS3 had backwards compatibility was to Read more

Jan 26

It’s not anarchy, it’s just exposing how nonsensical and irrational the market truly is. People like to say that markets are rational. They aren’t. Markets are driven by people, and people by emotion (and logic which is often poisoned by emotion). Read more

Jan 8

Your inability to notice armed rioters looting the Capitol building, planting explosives, and beating a police officer to death with a fire extinguisher, while committing domestic terrorism in the cause of overturning the lawful election of someone they didn’t like, is emblematic of how “it’s not bad when white people Read more