Nov 18

This is such a good review, Ash! I yet I am still torn between what is undoubtedly a substandard experience and my fanaticism for the source material...exactly like you were.

Sep 2

I agree with this take...but in JJ’s defense, HE was the one who cast Boyega and HE was the one who helped invent the character. So it makes perfect sense that from Boyega’s perspective, he’d feel as if Abram’s trajectory was disrupted and thereofore, as was his character’s development. And it was! (Not to atom bomb a Read more

Aug 24

Just want to add that Yoku’s Island Express, a truly exceptional game, is like $4 on humble bundle right now.

Jul 30

Oh, it wasn’t her fault, it was the fault of all the leaders she chose to represent her at the highest level of her professional existence, that’s a relief.

Jul 30

Maybe someone smarter than me can explain this, but during the primaries, Biden tripped backwards through a thorn bush and in between two movers holding a plane of glass to get the nomination over Bernie, almost exclusively because he had Black voters basically unanimously vote for him. Read more

Jul 28

If Bojack’s “The View From Halfway Down” loses to any of those others episodes, and I’ve seen them all, that category is not worth the paper it’s printed on.

May 11

I would say I like Dave quite a bit more than I thought I would, this despite not wanting to buy into Lil Dicky’s tired schtick. But given this show is set on exploring the problematic satirical white rapper trope at least a moderate amount, it made it much easier to enjoy the otherwise engaging cast and solid Read more

Apr 22

I’m not “shitting” on MK64 or Double Dash, which are both excellent in different ways. They’re just nowhere near as competitive or well designed, Double Dash especially so.

Apr 21

Hardcore fans will note that Mario Kart Wii, while initially being thought of as a bit of breezy entry, turned out to be one of the most hardcore entries in the entire series. Certainly it’s better than Mario Kart 64 and Double Dash in every single way other than nostalgia.

Apr 15

My issue with new Simpsons episodes isn’t that they don’t make me laugh....they often do. There are always solid jokes in there. Read more

Apr 13

If this was my voice acting reel, based on how many brains these lines are permanently seared into, I’d never have to audition for a job again. RIP dude.

Apr 1

I dont know why even with explicit instruction, it took me several minutes (!) to figure out where the “next” and “previous” buttons were on this slideshow...

Jan 30

The scores Animal Crossing receives will be directly proportional to how many Animal Crossing trading cards the reviewer owns. I have not yet figured out the exact mathematical formula but rest assured I am working on it.

Jan 21

22 albums is a bit of an inflated number since they’ve bent to the demands of releasing “stuff” every year or two, in order to remain a solvent business, basically. I feel like that is an interesting topic in and of itself.

Jan 9

Don’t get Nintendo wrong, they definitely want the ad revenue coming in from popular Smash pros (sponsoring Evo/Genesis, strict YouTube rules, etc.), they just don’t want to give THEM any money for popularizing their video game.

Dec 5

I work with many of the same PR handler people Cecilia does and, unprompted whenever Smash comes up, they ALL tell me she is the best Smash player in the entire media circuit but...I NEVER GOT TO PLAY HER >.<