The eShop needs a real review system. Read more

This is irresponsible, and is probably going to keep me from picking it up. If you know your game isn’t going to perform at the level in which it is expected, still ship, then say after you get called out that you knew but still decided fixing it months after release was the best option, then you don’t deserve to have Read more

This is becoming an annoying trend in every game I want to pick up on Switch Read more

Titans easily could have cast a white actress, spray painted her bright orange, given her a questionable shake-n-go wig and called it a day, but the show did something better.
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Who ever has lost a video game has bigger issues. Ever heard the phrase “this is why we don’t have nice things” because it fits here perfectly. In 20+ years of gaming I’ve never lost anything video game related. I can’t even recall any of my friends ever losing a game in 20+ years either. Not once. I hate that Read more

Who is losing cartridges, anyway? Where are you putting them? Read more

While I’m a big fan of digital purchases, to answer the question of what’s the point of buying physical? Not everyone keeps forever all video game stuff they buy. I build a collection but when I’m ready to move on, it all goes towards the next investment. Having games to sell along with my console drastically Read more

Wait, oh shit, you made an account just to respond to my OP.

I’d be flattered, but that shit’s pretty sad, man.
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So you didn’t read the entirety of the post, and yet you felt compelled to comment on the entirety of the post as if you had read it?

I’m going to go ahead and endure your censure with all the shame and self-reproach it deserves. May you ever be so discerning and self-aware a person as you are at this moment.
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How do you know he was cheating? Said he just had an app on his phone. Read more

God the world is such a pile of garbage now.
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Er, wow.

There’s a lot to unpack here, and while very few relationships fall apart without both sides failing in some way, I’m going to go ahead and lay the blame on Javier for this one—because trying to kill someone, even if they’re fucking around, is always the wrong fucking move.

I’ve been cheated on before.

I will Read more

God damn. If he’s a lousy boyfriend, then he ought to get dumped, not stabbed to bloody death. Read more

How so? Because he played a lot of PUBG? He was aspiring to play it professionally. Makes sense he’d spend a lot of time on it. Read more

Ah, fat-shaming. The completely acceptable, family-friendly alternative to homophobia. Read more

Young people with bad social skills and no filter suddenly being cast into the Internet’s limelight for the whole world to see... what could go wrong? Read more

I’m waiting for “Tide Pods for Tuberculosis” Read more

Jason, an article about turning back a Ferrari’s odometer and not a single reference to Ferris Bueller’s Day Off? For shame.
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