Nintendo has turned the eShop into Steam, and it’s fucking annoying. Nintendo was the one safe haven away from garbage. RIP Read more

They should have given this option if they knew they were going to have half-assed its optimization at launch Read more

How was this not a priority from the beginning? Read more

That sounds like some apologetic PR fluff to me. If that is indeed their philosophy, then they seem to be almost blaming customers for “not being able to wait” or something. I might be a bit sensitive to more and more people accepting day 1 or “launch week” patches, but I don’t find it ridiculous to demand a company Read more

Came here to say this, so thanks for saving me the effort! The Switch has a huge install base and they should have already known to put effort into optimizing this version; apparently they only cared about the install base and figured enough are too starry-eyed with hype to check into its stabilization (a very Read more

Whining like a little bitch, is all I see.  Read more

This guy truly encapsulates the full meaning of “Gawker”. Don’t care about race or gender but I care about how people speak to one another. The headline is so antagonistic, I wonder if the goal is actually common understanding or if it’s just trolling. Not trolling racists, but common decency. By making it about race Read more

So wait, how big are peaches tits? Didn’t bother to look that one up did ya Gita? Read more

I don’t see why it matters whether or not he cheated. Either way, it’s not news. Attempted murder is. That’s the story. Read more

In the eyes of the law and every rational human being in existence. Read more

Scary thing is, I don’t think some are joking with you, rather using the joke as fuel for their very real fire. Read more

Kindly get hit by a train. Thanks. Read more

Idk what that has to do with the story. A man was stabbed and your priority is pointing out how weird he seems from a distance? Get fucked dude. Read more

Lock up all the women. Ban all the knives. Read more

nice, now let’s further ostracize him and maybe he’ll become so disconnected from society that he’ll pick up a gun and shoot people. Read more

it varies. Some of those people will have delightful conversations, as I have from time to time. Read more

This is an incredibly naive and shortsighted opinion. Read more

leftists: “Dont generalize and stereotype people based on skin color or religion or income bracket” Read more

he says a bad word, you passive aggressively hope for his death. Read more

so you mean a male Amy Schumer...the pudgy is already implied with regards to her. Read more