Poey Gordon
Jan 10

Jim Spanfeller is a boneheaded incompetent idiot and I have no idea why anyone would expect him to make a smart business decision. Read more

Dec 21

Babak Abrishamchian aka GeoStar got me this Wingzero Custom RG model and it rules; I’ve wanted this one for so long and never got around to buying it. REALLY excited to build this one :)

Dec 21

No clue who my santa was but they found me squirrel girl merch and for this I am eternally grateful. She’s going in the china cabinet with the rest of my Marvel figurines!!

Oct 31

Who watches sports when you can just hit refresh on as many autoplaying video ads as possible?

Oct 31

I just know that when I’m enjoying some hot, sticky SPORTS action I don’t like anything else creeping in on my good time. Frumpy orange wannabe dictators, hurricane warnings, global crisises, NONE OF IT!! STICK TO SPROTS!!! Read more

Oct 31

Im really excited to try out the next NCAA game, especially since that new legal ruling about players getting compensated fo—oohhh, sorry can’t really talk about that. Ummmm Read more

Oct 31

Hey Josh, not only do I love sports, but I love other topics when they have a sports-related angle, so I have to say I was excited to read this article. Read more