Poey Gordon
Nov 1

Be careful buying used games from Half Price Books, or really any store that sells used items that isn’t specifically equipped to spot this stuff. It can be a great place to find stuff, but often gets very cluttered with bootlegs and fake cartridges. 

I worked there for a few years; most of the employees have no idea Read more

Oct 31

It’s always been mind boggling to me how much “Games as a Service” cribs from sports terminology, (Season Passes, etc.), yet the people publishing sports games, which are PRIMED AND READY BY THEIR VERY NATURE to function as a “forever games”, and could do continual updates on a single, existing title, with constant ros Read more

Oct 29

find me on twitter @thepoey y’all, hopefully TAY rides out the storm. 

Oct 24

Very dumb that intriguing shows like this are getting canned for some Marvel shows on Disney+ that treat the universe like it’s only got the same 10 people in it who have had 10 movies to shine, instead of smaller shows like Cloak & Dagger that tried to tell their own stories while also expanding the mythology of the Read more

Oct 9

Luke Cage was also named dropped and shown briefly via a newspaper in Cloak and Dagger in the second season, which was pretty cool.

Sep 12

this dude is great at finding new ways to be the fucking worst! thanks, youtube! 

Aug 23

oh i see, so when the Dragon Quest XI NPCs lie to you, it’s COOL, but when the Zelda 2 NPCs lie to you, it’s TERRIBLE