Poey Gordon
11/11/19 12:10PM

yeah but then you’d have to use Bing and who wants to do that

11/01/19 3:45PM

Be careful buying used games from Half Price Books, or really any store that sells used items that isn’t specifically equipped to spot this stuff. It can be a great place to find stuff, but often gets very cluttered with bootlegs and fake cartridges. 

I worked there for a few years; most of the employees have no idea Read more

10/31/19 1:46PM

It’s always been mind boggling to me how much “Games as a Service” cribs from sports terminology, (Season Passes, etc.), yet the people publishing sports games, which are PRIMED AND READY BY THEIR VERY NATURE to function as a “forever games”, and could do continual updates on a single, existing title, with constant ros Read more

10/24/19 8:20PM

Very dumb that intriguing shows like this are getting canned for some Marvel shows on Disney+ that treat the universe like it’s only got the same 10 people in it who have had 10 movies to shine, instead of smaller shows like Cloak & Dagger that tried to tell their own stories while also expanding the mythology of the Read more

10/09/19 6:02PM

Luke Cage was also named dropped and shown briefly via a newspaper in Cloak and Dagger in the second season, which was pretty cool.

9/12/19 2:15PM

this dude is great at finding new ways to be the fucking worst! thanks, youtube! 

8/23/19 2:07PM

oh i see, so when the Dragon Quest XI NPCs lie to you, it’s COOL, but when the Zelda 2 NPCs lie to you, it’s TERRIBLE

8/19/19 10:01PM

Card Mod, Ice Magic Refine, Fastitocalon Card = 800000000 waters 

8/15/19 6:11PM

Yeaaaaaaaahhhhh it’s bad. Happens to me A LOT since Solos launched, and it’s exhausting, especially when you make it to a late game match. Feels like you just completely wasted your time. I was so damn excited for Solos too.

Made it to the “final 4" in one game, and noticed it was taking A LONG time for any other Read more

8/13/19 5:40PM

I’m excited for solos. Given how often my random teammates immediately drop out if they die, or how often they run off on their own, I feel like I’m playing solo a majority of the time anyway. 

8/13/19 11:45AM

This thing is awesome, but it’s next level disposable income territory.

I have no problem with Hasbro shooting for the starts with HasLab; these kinds of projects are actually what HasLab is designed to do.

The biggest problem with Unicron getting funded I think is just too much product to keep up with. There’s a Read more