Sep 22 2014

Under Kira's supervision, according to the source, pledges in the incoming class were called names, berated for their perceived physical flaws and imperfections, and made to perform physical tasks to the point of bruising and exhaustion. Read more

Sep 15 2014

Even though I know a lot of parents don't get this, there really is a point in development—-which has nothing to do with the child's physical strength or size—-where spanking (a few pops with an open hand on the buttocks or a light smack on the wrist) actually does teach a lesson. Before about age 6 (or 4 in some Read more

Sep 15 2014

^^ thank you for saying this. These words needed to be said very badly. It's nice to see someone humble enough to acknowledge that there are people who go about things differently than they, and that it's okay. I was spanked (not **whipped** but spanked) as a youth. The thought of me holding it against my parents Read more

Sep 15 2014

except that people are punished with death for crimes regularly. That seems like a pretty harsh physical punishment to me.

Sep 15 2014

A bit off topic, but I doubt much or any of it was uncomfortable laughter. It was laughter at the absurd, and absurd things can - and often are - horrific. That's part of a [good] comic's genius: exposing the absurdity of our existence, whether disgusting, grotesque, or awe-inspiring.

Sep 15 2014

Hey I agree with you otherwise but "why is it okay to treat a child this way and not an adult" is an absurd way to frame this. We are allowed to do things to and for children legally under our care that we would never be allowed to do to an adult. The data itself speaks volumes.

Sep 15 2014

Not being a parent, or anyone who plans on ever having children, I can't say that I have put much thought into spanking as discipline. Read more

Sep 15 2014

I read on some sports blog today a comment that said that, "I was hit by a switch as a child, and I turned out fine! All Peterson did was discipline his child!" Read more

Sep 15 2014

I could not agree more. Fake cheese is the devil's work. If you're a vegan fine, but don't make me something with "cheese" in it. Make me a nice vegetable stir fry. I'll eat the hell out it.

Sep 10 2014

I'm just going to guess that there is very, very little risk Steven will impregnate a woman at "some college party" any time soon.

Sep 8 2014

You can prove quackery doesn't work a thousand times and the quacks (and quackees) just aren't going to believe it.