4:33 PM

This guy is a delusional piece of work, who refers to himself as France's Louis XX, head of the Bourbons, which is odd since he was born, lives, and is a citizen of Spain, which has an actual sitting Bourbon King (his 2nd cousin Felipe VI) who is by default the highest ranking Bourbon. Furthermore, Louis made sure

3:59 PM

As a historian with a deep, abiding love of history and the complexities and nuance of 18th century France, I would love to invite this fuckweasel to sit the fuck down and shut the absolute fuck up.

Beyond the grossness of complaining about a STATUE at a time like this, caping for Louis XVI is just embarrassing all on Read more

6:04 PM

It’s so great to support the bros for once. You go on every other social media and it’s just girl hyping each other up, and us bros never fully get a chance to do the same. This could be due to the social norm that bros don’t compliment other bros, but that’s why I think this app is life changing. I am now able to Read more

5:40 PM

If it makes you feel any better, consider the tens of millions of dollars in VC money this company will burn through before it fails just because a group of tech bros convinced a group of finance bros to pay for it.

3:02 PM

Apparently, Harry hates the term “Megxit” because it implies Meghan was the one who wanted to leave the U.K., though it is a convenient pun. Perhaps “Susxit” Read more

6:21 PM

I remember that set! It was the one when Chad got called away for a family emergency and Scott just kept on playing, right? It was all working well until he got stuck in the net trying to retrieve that ball on the other side.

5:51 PM

Does this dude cry tears when he has to wear a shirt and shoes to go to Applebee’s? Does he show up at a closed Macy’s at three in the morning, with his pet goat, and angrily tweet that “the libs/lefties” are taking away his “freedoms” by not allowing him and his furry friend to shop when and how he wants? Is online Read more

5:42 PM

This guy was a single-termer in the NC STATE House, appointed, yet, then lost the seat two years ago - and still uses the honorific “Rep” on his twitter account! Read more

5:18 PM

He’s getting destroyed on Twitter, especially by residents of his state who are taking the opportunity to remind him how he got his ass beat at the polls last year. 🤣

5:20 PM

Having seen both films in the theater, I would have been glad to present as a witness in your defense at the trial.

3:56 PM

And this movie could have been sooooo very different.
My mother was an avid reader, always juggling a handful of books at a time and passing along recommendations to me. She also had the habit of writing to authors when a book really made an impression on her - old school letters, usually typewritten, and just sent

3:53 PM

I saw the movie 3 times in the theater, and dozens of times on video. It’s about as perfect as a horror movie gets. I’m looking back on almost 30 year old memories now, and it was the early 1990s, so much less was understood by cisgender folk like me about gender non-conformity, but I recall not thinking that Gumb Read more