Mar 8 2018

It is a dangerous ability that results in the character assassination of the main protagonist from a previous trilogy, resulting in a great outpouring of anger and hatred. Read more

Feb 26 2018

You’re right. Cronyism actually exists outside of a hadron collider.

Feb 26 2018

Indeed, “industry disruption” is the techy marketing term for, “If we ignore labor, tax, and whatever other laws we feel like, business is more profitable for us and the shareholders.”

Feb 26 2018

Fuck Luxembourg, the goddamn dime-store knockoff Liechtenstein.

Feb 26 2018

He’s so rich he’s literally asking for ideas on how to spend his money, while his employees can’t survive without government aid. This is what happens when you let the free market determine what people are worth.

Feb 10 2018

I agree. “High octane” doesn’t do this super-charged action spectacular justice.

Feb 7 2018

I honestly feel that the studio just didn’t think Paradox was worth releasing theatrically. It wasn’t bad, and I enjoyed parts of it, but it felt like an episode of an anthology TV series more than a big budget movie. It feels like the smart move was to release on Netflix, don’t take the risk of it underperforming at Read more

Jan 29 2018

Too bad about those roads and public school funding though.....