Aug 1 2018

Literally this article says that six groups came together to plan a counter protest against the guy who staged the Charlottesville neo-Nazi rally last year, where a woman was murdered. And of those six groups one had an admin - out many who are legitimate people - that got flagged by Facebook as a “bad actor.” Read more

Jul 13 2018

That’s a pretty good description of what Trump is doing right now in the UK.

Jul 12 2018

Denverite here. Her line about how are they able to afford a house in that neighbourhood is funny because CC has traditionally been a Latino area, so if anyone is “out of place” it’s these two meth-head bitches. Read more

Jul 12 2018

I feel for Ruiz and his family, but I’m also glad there was some real justice done and the Klaus Barbie Dolls went to jail..

Jun 28 2018

Yeah. Like that he’s a person who looks at the history of mass shooting events in this country.

That said, yeah... assumptions are bad and will get you into trouble.

Jun 28 2018

Well, a few days ago Milo Yiannopoulos told his followers to start gunning down journalists. Obviously we don’t know who the shooter is at this exact time, but if it turns out there’s a connection to Milo, it’s about time to launch that piece of shit into the fucking sun.  

Jun 4 2018

Trump’s put more thought into his own pending pardon than in Alice Johnson’s.

Jun 1 2018

Asshole gamers do this so much then those incels wonder why the only female interaction they get is from the Dead or Alive Beach Volleyball body pillow they imported. What purpose does it serve to be an asshole like this over a video game, other than just to be an asshole?

May 31 2018

Except, according to Strange, it wasn’t a “mistake”.