Aug 15 2016

There have been a few posts for those of us who are starting up the school year and I wanted to just add one little

Aug 2 2016

My little girl Cookie had surgery today to remove a mysterious mass on her side. Vet is confident it’s not a tumor

May 21 2016

Hello all of my fellow dog owners! I have been looking for good chews for my little pups that will take them a long

Nov 22 2015

I have been cranky all day for no particular reason. My period starts on Wednesday but I have really mellow periods.

Aug 17 2015

Some of you may know that I have been on a bit of a weight loss journey. I am 110 pounds less than my all time high

Aug 8 2015

Sorry for posting about my dogs all of the time, but you are such good resources. My dogs are doing that thing where

Aug 7 2015

My husband took me to sushi, where I had two glasses of chardonnay and proceeded to get tipsy. I was supposed to go

Jul 30 2015

Full disclosure: I am being a super nerd and working on stepping up my lessons over the summer. While trying to find

Jul 21 2015

When I first adopted my little girl, she was a little velcro dog. For background, we adopted her when she was a

Jul 13 2015

Today is my birthday and it has been gloriously low key. My awesome parents and amazing sister took me out yesterday

Jun 27 2015

By mosquitoes. My dumb ass neighbor has decided that leaving his pool 3/4 full to just be standing water and be a

Jun 19 2015

Even though I am on summer break, I got up bright and early this morning to get stuff done. I went for a run, took

Apr 27 2015

As a brand spanking new member of Team Dog, I am happy to congratulate my two pups on completing Level 2 Obedience

Mar 31 2015
Team Dog:All In

Two months ago, I posted about becoming a member of team dog (already a devoted member of team cat). Then ibposted

Mar 19 2015

If any of you have been following along, you know my new puppy had an abscess on his back. The new vet originally

Mar 13 2015
Vet Drama/ Puppy Update

Some of you may remember that I posted about having a brand new wonderful puppy boy. Well, I had to take him to the

Feb 28 2015
I Made Sushi

It is date night at our house and this date night was an attempt at making basic sushi. We made a California roll,

Feb 20 2015

So, work has gotten pretty hectic. Our department is especially stress ridden and the ladies are really feeling the

Feb 13 2015
Dog Park Drama

So there are two dog parks near me. One is much closer than the other. Every time I take my little boy to the