Jill Pantozzi
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Jan 14

I will point out this reminiscence from Stan Sakai about Jack Kirby’s feelings about Nazis:

Jan 10

‘”However, as non-American who never had the opportunity to watch the actual Nickelodeon channel, does someone have an idea what Charles might be referring to in terms of mood/vibe when he mentions Nick@Nite?”’, collex.

Jan 9

Nick@Nite back when I was a kid was where they put reruns of vintage sitcoms (Happy Days, Get Smart, Mary Tyler Moore, Leave It To Beaver, Doby Gillis, etc). Read more

Jan 8

I know we don’t know all the facts, but it’s crazy to me that so many people think he is doing this for fame. When has this type of thing ever propelled an accuser to fame and riches? There is no way, when he started this, he didn’t think it was probably going to be career suicide. Read more

Jan 8

Been a fan of Ayo Edebiri from her appearances on Hollywood Handbook and the time she was on Punch up the Jam!, so I was psyched when I heard she got the part. She’s hilarious. It’s partly why I checked out Big Mouth in the first place. I knew it was all comedians that I enjoyed, but I couldn’t get past the art style. Read more

Dec 28

This movie had so much hope (hype?) coming into it. It just doesn’t deliver on most of those expectations, even the most minimal of ones. Read more

Dec 24

Riker’s big damn heroes moment on Lower Decks is a strong runner up. The Titan is finally canon! The TNG theme blasting away! Jonathan Frakes chewing scenery! What’s not to love?

Dec 22

Aerith deserves all of the love. She, Biggs, Wedge, and Jessie are all so much more loveable and complete than they were in the original.

Dec 22

Watching the Soul Squad really did help this year. Never expected tears at the end of a goofy comedy show like that. It’s been a long Bearimy.

Dec 15

Germain has a knack for vividly reviewing a movie without spoiling a damn thing.  He also has a knack for getting me to watch something I wouldn't normally watch.  

Dec 15

This may be filed under ‘yeah no shit’ but if your phone uses AT&T, it’s worth checking if HBOMax comes with your plan, it came with mine but that wasn’t readily obvious when I signed up.