Jill Pantozzi
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Aug 10

Wow, had not seen this yet, thanks for bringing to our attn. Btw, if anyone sees stuff we might have missed, best way to reach us is our tips email: tips@io9.com 

Aug 5

Maybe if the clips they teased in the vid actually showed some of the new stuff, it would get me excited. Otherwise, just meh.

Aug 4

I am still working through it all but the book requests overall have been noted! Can’t make any promises of course but we’ll do what we are able to. Thanks for the feedback.

Aug 3

We unfortunately don’t have that tool in Kinja, we’ve asked for it several times.

Jul 31

Looks like we’re having a problem with the clip. We’ll fix as soon as we can. Sorry, folks!

Jul 31

I have blocked that person at least 3 times on new accounts. Didn’t spot the latest until you said, so thank you. Please feel free to email me if they come back.

Jul 31

I ban folks CONSTANTLY, the issue is they can easily return. If you ever spot someone that is causing trouble please flag and/or just email me to a direct comment link. It’s tough to see everything.

Jul 1

Someone asked “Didnt his ex or something accuse him of abuse?” All I did was drop the link to what she said. Chill.