Friday 1:41PM

This mayosapien has been catching charges for over 15 years. There is no way he has a driver’s license. He done fucked up his access to on-demand transportation for (hopefully) life. Read more

Wednesday 4:54PM

Okay, I’ll bite. Out of a cast of four leads: 1 lead, or 25% of the main cast, is a dark-skinned black man (Corey Hawkins). He’s not Latinx - but this is still a film where non-light-skinned, black folks are represented. 1 lead, or another 25%, identifies as Afro-Latinx (Leslie Grace), and is Dominican. Yes, she is Read more

Wednesday 12:56PM

Without actually reading everything I think it sort of makes sense.  As someone who sued the department in the past he’s acutely aware of the department’s weaknesses that he attempted to exploit.  So he’d know what needs buttoned up.  Kind of like hiring a former hacker to do security work.

Wednesday 10:11AM

Look, don’t take this the wrong way but, softening butter in a microwave takes between 8 and 18 seconds. What kind of distracted, multi-tasking monster have you become to not to pay attention for 8 seconds? What else could you possibly be accomplishing?  Read more

Wednesday 5:11AM

I assume the daughter went to work as her mom that day. And they both learned each others lives were trickier than...wait no thats the plot to Freaky Friday

Wednesday 5:05AM

Burton doesn't need the Star Trek familiarity... For Jeopardy!, he'd be pulling from his time on Reading Rainbow which would be far more of a plus on this resume.

Tuesday 6:54AM

It’s not cruel to tell people the truth.

6/07/21 7:47PM

I noticed y’all are still clicking and commenting, so thanks for doing your part to keep our traffic strong. ;)

6/07/21 4:36PM

I love how the article tries to insinuate that it was terrible that she took a week to respond to this manufactured controversy. Y’all ought to be ashamed of yourselves.

6/05/21 12:24PM

Goes to show you folks can’t really intuit the way survival pressures and techniques work. If mom fights to protect the unborn egg and looses (likely since these animals are not well equipped to defend themselves), she dies and doesn’t make more babies. If she gives up on this one, she goes on to reproduce more. This Read more

6/04/21 2:58PM

That dress is, hands down, the ugliest wedding dress I’ve seen, and I used to watch Say Yes to the Dress. Everything about it, to my eye, is off - the sleeves, the neckline, the waistline, the girth of the skirt, and the train. I hate it, and I will not be deterred in my hatred. 

6/04/21 7:16AM

Trevor Noah asked Tomi Lahren “What do you do at traffic lights?” when she said she didn’t see color, and I filed that away for future use.

6/04/21 1:02AM

Well, she does have three kids. The oldest of whom is 20 or so.

6/03/21 8:06PM

I love how this discussion isn’t about white women, but how BIPOC women are affected by white women who align themselves with the patriarchy. And yet, you’ve inserted white, female tears and victimhood into the conversation. This and this site, isn’t about you. And if you aren’t white, then you need to examine why you Read more

6/03/21 11:45AM

Mad Men is good, actually — and my gullible ass fell for this before from purportedly feminist sites like Jezebel who just wrote it off as sexist trash. It’s decidedly not any of that. It shows all of that because it’s realistic about the time period in which it’s set, but IMO they tried hard to not make it feel ~nosta Read more