Yesterday 7:10PM

In theory, I agree with you. But most workplaces are not driven by outside forces of public opinion in the way that this particular workplace is. This type of team-building is beneficial in fields where people are actually rewarded by how much work they get done. But that’s not the case in the senate. Senators no Read more

Tuesday 3:37PM

People want this to be a lab leak because it’s a lot easier to cope with the idea that “if China just had tighter lab security none of this would have happened” than it is to cope with the idea that pandemics are going to pop up every once in a while, and it is painfully obvious that we are totally unprepared in all Read more

Tuesday 3:21PM

LOL. The number of people who actually think Lil Uzi Vert’s diamond cost $24 million...

Monday 6:49PM

Ah, so you want to tax people you don’t like or that make different decisions than you or have different ideas than you. Read more

Monday 6:34PM

No, you don’t understand. I saw on the news today that someone crashed a ford Taurus, so obviously there are no safety issues with massive trucks.

6/09/21 4:17PM

I knew it wouldn’t be long before this movie got criticized for not being all things to all people. I’m glad it happened before it was even released.

6/09/21 8:54AM

As I understand it none of the guest hosts have been given the authority to rule on an answer (“question”) themselves (something Alex was allowed to do). They all have to wait for a producer’s determination. I suspect that to some degree, Buzzy was lucky to be hosting the tournament of champions, where contestants are Read more

6/08/21 10:42PM

I love watching people completely misunderstand the “cool girl” monologue and its context, then use it as a way to put down other women! Read more

6/05/21 3:30PM

Yeah, I remember the dark days before drones when it was impossible to make documentary films. I’m so glad we have drones now so that we can finally make documentary films!

6/04/21 4:55PM

It’s an 80's dress in that it has many of the hallmarks of its era, and yet... it is far more hideous than any other dress from the 80's. This isn’t just a matter of changing trends. That dress is hideous in any era.

6/04/21 8:20AM

And the appropriate response to this comment is: Are you really that ignorant?

6/03/21 8:03PM

It’s actually very good for language and communication to have words that are deemed inappropriate for polite company and children. Read more