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Jul 7
Tom Servo Posting

A friend linked this to me the other day and it has been a great mood booster during some properly dour weeks at

May 25
So proud of her!!!

My girlfriend spent most of this afternoon on the back of the Z, learning how to ride. She’s a quick learner and got

May 23
Blue sky, blue bike

Something from an early part of the ride today. The Z was a champ, but the seat and ergos is a bit awkward. More to

May 23
Blast from the past!

Found this incredible little shop while on a ride today. More pics from the ride later. For now, you get these. 

May 19
Z125 Pro SE, acquired!

It was kinda rainy and nasty when I paid for her, but my Z125 is officially part of the fleet. I’d like to give a