Reid Braaten - TheMamaLuigi
Jul 5

Funimation’s insistence on releasing two-cour series in parts is really annoying. They know we want the blu ray quality so they can justify splitting the release and doubling the profits.

Feb 3

I think it goes to show just how amazing of a year 2018 was that there were so many shows I didn’t include but could have. Like some of the ones you mentioned! Stellar stuff.

Jan 17

I really enjoyed your personal take on the year, particularly the restraint you showed in focusing only on a select few shounen shows. Recent shounen have been refocusing themselves away from their tropes, and I think that’s a necessary change for the genre to survive. Read more

Jan 4

Sound! Euphonium is one of my favourite anime of all time (like, a Top 3 contender) so this comment both pleases and hurts me and not in the kinky way

Dec 18

Dil, you were one of the first people to reach out to me personally after I joined. It was after I did my first podcast, and all you said was that it was really fun getting to do it with me. Those words meant and still mean a lot to me. Read more