Reid Braaten - TheMamaLuigi
2:23 AM

I really enjoyed your personal take on the year, particularly the restraint you showed in focusing only on a select few shounen shows. Recent shounen have been refocusing themselves away from their tropes, and I think that’s a necessary change for the genre to survive. Read more

11:52 PM

Sound! Euphonium is one of my favourite anime of all time (like, a Top 3 contender) so this comment both pleases and hurts me and not in the kinky way

3:11 AM

Dil, you were one of the first people to reach out to me personally after I joined. It was after I did my first podcast, and all you said was that it was really fun getting to do it with me. Those words meant and still mean a lot to me. Read more

6:03 PM

I didn't know that the ending was somewhat anime original, very interesting! I wonder if they added that to make it feel more conclusive on the chance that the series does not get another movie/season? 

10:30 PM

I'm really glad your kids caught onto the barely subtextual homoerotic elements of this film. Because it's gay as fuck, and that makes it so, so special. Had I had more room/more developed thoughts at the time if writing my article on Promare, I would've talked about those elements as well, so good on you for Read more

10:16 AM

Yeah, I had planned on including a mention of the whole Sylvia issue but couldn't figure out a way to integrate it naturally. It's clearly the film's major blemish and, you're right, gets worse the more you think about it. Funny in the moment indeed but problematic upon closer analysis.

11:43 AM

This might have been one of my favourite theatre experiences in recent memory. Ahegao sweaters aside, everyone in the crowd was riding the same wave of energy and totally fed off each other. Read more

2:05 PM

Girls’ Last Tour is something very special. Funny, you recall its similarities to Made in Abyss, while it immediately made me think of the 2003 adaptation of Kino’s Journey - the Beautiful World -. Both shows are episodic “road trips” that deal with large, yet very personal and philosophical questions about life, Read more

9:22 PM

A little late getting to reading this, but even though I don’t agree with your take on the show, I can’t deny that this is pretty well-argued! Moreover, I appreciate your willingness to turn this into an article and publish something that doesn’t just sing a show’s praises. Nice work dude.

3:12 PM

I had a passing interest in this game before, but your review shot it up to a must-buy for me. Like Proton’s comment said, it’s really nice to see that Game Freak can still make great games that aren’t Pokemon. Let’s hope they keep branching out! Read more