Mar 7 2019

This would make a fairly interesting premise for a longitudinal study on the effects of watching Passion at a young age.

Jan 15 2019

Buddy we’re talking about the South Side here, not the whole of Chicago. Cubs fandom dominance essentially squeezes the White Sox into parameters consistent with being “small market.”

Dec 11 2018

Good read, but I disagree with your assessment on Milwaukee. Planting a team there gives you approx 80% of the state’s media market (call it ~4.5M people once you remove oddball Chicago expats and then the residents in the NW who will always gravitate towards MN teams). From there, all you do is stoke the ‘Scon’s Read more

Nov 20 2018

Hey Ben, I know nothing about Chess, but have to say these have been great reads. Super descriptive/helpful with the diagrams and very suspenseful, thanks for posting.

Nov 13 2018

I kind of really like this idea. On the one hand, I could watch a rock-paper-scissors knockout tourney, if it was branded well enough, and had compelling teams/personalities etc. (point-in-case: last year’s Olympic Curling). Read more

Oct 23 2018

Absolute trash piece. If the Dems fuck up the midterms in a few weeks, look back at this kind of left-eats-left nonsense.  

Oct 7 2018

Reminds me of one of the greatest Fat Guy plays I’ve ever seen: Keith Traylor’s interception return, pushed 60+ yards (almost to a touchdown) by the magical ‘01 Chicago Bears:

Aug 16 2018

My God, that’s like a Sigourney Weaver failed-clone version of a uniform. I feel physically ill from looking at it.