the long and winding road
2:10 PM

When this doofus gets reelected, I’m going to to be disappointed... But not surprised.

1:55 PM

I’m pretty sure we all get a hall pass on wishing Trump dead.

1:49 PM

I got more conservative. I’ve gone from full blown socialist (hey it was the 60s you know) to democratic socialist.

11:58 AM

People kept claiming I’d get more conservative as I got older, but they didn’t count on conservatives getting catastrophically stupid.

11:57 AM

“I just got arrested for making the perfect meal!” -J. Dahmer.

11:27 AM

Reign of Fire is a pretty boss movie in general but it was also the first time I’d heard Butler with his own accent — he’s so much better when he can speak normally! It’s bonkers movies don’t do this more.

11:24 AM

When she started trashing former roles? That can make getting the next one more challenging. Read more

10:54 AM

Isn’t there a children’s book about an elephant named Babar?
I don’t know. I don’t have any.
No children?
No, elephant books.

9:50 AM

This movie makes me angry for a very different reason: For my money, the greatest romantic comedy ever made was “The Awful Truth,” from 1937 with Cary Grant and Irene Dunne. And whenever I tell that to someone, I have to quickly, clearly explain that I am NOT talking about that thing with Katherine Heigl. Read more

9:34 AM

A tip o’ the bowler to this column. As I’m not much of a rom-com fan I didn’t pay it much attention at first but I clicked on a couple of them and it’s given me new appreciation for the genre. As with A History of Violence and Popcorn Champs, I like this long-form journalism approach to these flicks. 

8:53 AM

When you have a mouth as small as Damian Lewis’s, you need to do gymnastics with it just to pronounce ordinary words. He can only eat through a straw.

8:06 AM

IMHO, Damien Lewis is absolutely terrible at faking an American/NYC accent in Billions. Plus, his mouth does distracting gymnastics while he’s trying to do it, lol. Read more

12:52 AM

“Could you love someone who looked like that?”
“What are you talking about? Of course not. Five, ten minutes, tops, maybe.”

12:42 AM

“Somebody’s bucking for a promotion. It’s probably that pederast Hanrahan. I don’t know.” Read more

9:51 PM

Inigo Montoya: “I want my father back, you son of a bitch.”

8:58 PM

Whenever I’m mistaken about something, in my head I think “oh! Oh, I did not know that” in the same way Queen Anne does in The Favourite.