6:56 PM

This just made me remember when we were little and learning the little bit about our tribe my dad was comfortable teaching us. We went to stay in a cabin on a former part of the reservation. My mom didn’t like how the place felt (dark and suppressive) but she said my siblings and I kept singing what we called the “nami

9:00 AM

I can’t believe it!! I don’t know WP but I feel like I know WP and she’s 7 yo in my mind. Congrats to you both!

8:30 AM

We have the last rehearsal today for WeePiglet’s bat mitzvah (which is next week OMGWTFBBQATM) and then I don’t have ANYTHING PLANNED for the rest of the weekend except make the rest of the centerpieces and dig through WP’s closet to see if she has clothes for school which finally starts Thursday.

9:59 PM

I’m a therapist and work with children and adolescents with severe and persistent mental illness. Obviously it’s impossible to know what is going on based on what you have shared, but his actions and asking you if you think he is a “dumb fucker” are strong signals that there is a lot more going on with this kids home

11:45 PM

Vodka sauce is the best sauce! I’m all about the cream sauces.

11:31 PM

Mr Krimi is traveling for work until the end of the week. Which translates to me cooking stuff he doesn’t care for/appreciates. Tonight: penne all vodka. It’s a simple pasta dish which for some reason I love and he just tolerates as he is not a fan of cream sauces with his pasta - whereas I think cream and butter are

8:42 AM

I think that a lot of times, they are one and the same in the beginning. The physical chemistry can mask personality flaws that don’t emerge until later and/or romantic lovey feelings can get you past a less-than-ideal physical connection.

11:53 PM

Weirdly, I have heard a lot about it because Anne Rice really loves it and I follow her on Facebook. I have far too complicated a religious zealot upbringing and too much pain and anger to have honestly any desire to sit and watch a movie about any religious leader. But also because it’s the same old bullshit. White

11:59 PM

Why do other people who were incredibly disdainful of my scholastic aptitude and who kvetched about how much they hated school and learning now act like they were so nerdy both then and now? 

11:40 PM

Haha I will be like, “I’m a morning person, I like to get shit done in the morning” then I wait until morning to get said shit done, wake up and take two hours to drink a cup of coffee and read the news and groom myself. Real productive.

7:21 AM

I made a baguette yesterday using Julia Child’s recipe — and it turned out REALLY well. I have not had a baguette this good since I lived in Eugene, OR. I have to try more of her recipes!

6:12 AM

I don’t think there’s anything you can say that will cool this situation down. She’s making it all about her and since that’s her MO you just have to accept that you’ve lost this friendship, such as it was, and live with it.

9:32 PM

It was 2002 and he wore tapered-leg jeans. It was the time when flares were cool. Tapered-leg was decidedly NOT cool, not even in an ironic sense. I decided he had no sense of personal style, I actually cringed inside when he walked out in them, and so I broke up with him. It felt very petty at the time, especially

7:24 PM

Small fingernail beds. If your fingernails are stubby, I nope right out. I don’t quite understand why I find that so viscerally repellent, but there it is. It must speak to my subconscious, and I know better than to question it. If I find you beautiful before I see your hands, and then see the stubs? Lady-boner

6:47 PM

I have a lot, I’m sure, because I never date anyone. My two big rules are I don’t date co-workers (anymore) and I don’t date anyone who works at my favorite bar (... anymore). I once called it off with a FWB scenario with this very hunky, fun dude because he made fun of the fact that I wore the same cardigan on