The Legal Blitz
9/30/15 12:53PM

Tom, losing antitrust shield of Board of Regents is a way bigger deal. The NCAA is going to have to defend a lot of future antitrust cases now. Read more

5/09/15 10:04AM

To be fair, Deadspin shares a lot of my gambling coverage from ATL Redline. See links below. It is not straight up, here are my top 10 picks against the line this week type of writing, but still covering the industry. With that said, if someone wants to pay me to write a weekly gambling column, I’m in. We used to do Read more

4/16/15 2:20PM

She got into an amazing twitter battle with Pittsburgh sports radio/media personalities (Mark Madden and Dejan Kovacevic over an awkward hockey interview earlier in the season and she used the same jabs...bragging about her degree and making fun of Mark Madden’s weight. Can’t confirm this is her, but she sure is Read more

12/12/14 12:31PM

It is likely on a contingent fee agreement considering Dak is a high-profile client and there are monetary damages to collect.