3:46 PM

I imagine that he is notorious for writing, editing, re-writing, re-editing, and doing it as he goes. Some will push through a first draft just to get the plot of the book done, and edit later. But I imagine he’s being careful because he had wound up with too much to tell and is trying to resolve it all.

1:28 PM

I saw SMB in the theater when it came out and I enjoyed the hell out of it.

10:08 PM

I’ve been saying that fucking shit for years. Their big weakness is that Double Dragon and Super Mario Bros failed because they were based on video game properties. But if you watch both with the idea of “treat them as standalone movies,” you end up with a pair of “fun weird sci-fantasy movies” that really push the

9:40 PM

Honestly, the movie is much better in retrospect. I’ve seen so many modern terrible movies now, SMB actually seems like a fun weird sci-fantasy movie.

6:10 PM

I am glad that Endgame delivered on an epic ending, but...Look at the catalog of titles above. Looks like 5 movies, and 5 shows set within a 2 year span. And that’s not counting Blade, Guardians of the Galaxy 3, Black Panther 2, The Fantastic Four, X-Men, the next Captain Marvel...all slated for a 3 year span. In 5

9:33 PM

Even I would walk out of that, going “And this was done by a she okay?”

3:50 PM

There’s a few ladies missing...Especially the one who should be leading this assembly.

6:55 PM

Farscape set a few standards for me.
First sci-fi TV series.
First regular exposure to Muppets.
First exposure to a legitimately strong female character in Aeryn Sun.
First exposure to Claudia Black (cause why not?).
And first exposure to one of my favorite protagonists in a series ever in the form of John Crichton.

11:05 AM

Yep. No problem whatsoever with lady-Ghostbusters. Problems with the director, the script, the casting, etc? Absolutely.

10:55 AM

Girls, in my Ghostbusters? Yeah, that’s just how things go, it’s really not a big deal

10:17 PM

Excellent. Now a whole new generation can be mystified by David Lynch’s Pacific Rim.

2:41 AM

I would agree with that description as it tends to agree with my general idea of how to compare the two. For myself, I’ve always seen The Twilight Zone as telling stories that ended usually on a happy note with some sort of moral to them (I Sing the Body Electric, Passage on the Lady Anne, Number 12 Looks Just Like

10:12 PM

It’s a long standing debate.
For me, when it came to getting the shows on Blu-Ray, we got a whole thing of Twilight Zone but only had two seasons of Outer Limits available. I intend to get all of Outer Limits when it’s available.

This is from the Versus Battle article:
“The Twilight Zone was a series of morality plays

1:29 PM

At this point, can’t people just decide if they want to watch the fucking movie for themselves and THEN make a judgement call?
All of the lead-up to this movie was making the rounds, and I paid attention to it enough to realize, once again, that this was going to be a movie I would have to make a decision on by myself.

4:05 PM

by all means, if he’s guilty, prosecute the guy. until we see proof in court though, “innocent until proven guilty” is my approach. i dont know the guy or really even want to seeig as how he’s embroiled in all this, but a bunch o women coming forward with stories is still “he said, she said” which isnt enough. there

5:17 PM

Honestly, the idea isn’t that bad.
Imagine a Bubonic Plague style pestilence causing loads of people to die and then come back to life to spread it among the living. And along the way, people have to depend on safe havens which are walled castles, keeps, moated settlements, and all that. The only difference is that