Shelly Bull - The Killa Bunny
6:53 PM

this is how graphics evolve. at one point it was realistic water physics, then it was facial animation, now its clothing. next maybe theyll find a way to make character models interact that doesnt make kissing look horrifying.

4:17 AM

What the fuck Kotaku... the advertising is super disturbing for this article here... jesus christ.

7:28 PM

The comments on articles like this are why I no longer really interact with the gaming community. Sadly, I have heard these same things said in person as well too many times to want to be seen anywhere near the neckbeards that make up a way too large amount of this community.

1:17 PM

I’ll assume you’re commenting in good faith despite your use of an awful buzzword like “identity politics,” so consider this: Lots of girls are taught that video games and game development are for men. Girls Make Games is an institution designed to teach girls that hey, they can play and make video games too, which Read more

9:20 AM

You know how in a lot of arcade shooters, civilians would just randomly wander on-screen at times for the sole purpose of punishing you for shooting anything that moves? That’s your co-worker. If it helps, that cop lost 1,000 points and/or was penalized one health pack for that.

12:51 PM

Absolutely! That tripped me up too when I was studying at Uni. There was some discussion on which was the ‘correct’ spelling, in the end the university said they would accept either way just as long as we’d been consistent throughout our text. Thank you for taking the time to read my post. :)

7:31 PM

Any time a game lets you make a first and last name, shit gets fuckin’ *real*.

What are the naming conventions of this race/clan? Is there a difference between feminine and masculine names? Is there a signifier for family lineage? etc etc. I end up sitting at that name box for a long time while doing research.

I take Read more

9:22 AM

Awesome post. Really enjoyed this. I wrote about my serving as a pastor in my last post and the feeling that joining that world with gaming was tough because of its perception as a “waste of time.” Read more

10:22 AM

So I saw this posted last night, but decided I was too tired to focus on it and give it a proper read. I’m glad I waited, because that very interesting and worthy of my full attention.

I think a lot of the “treasure hunter” archtype comes from the same place that makes Phoenix Wright ignore certain legal principles Read more

5:00 AM

Wonderful read. I really hope you’ll be able to play with colleagues in the near future. Read more

9:50 PM

Well that’s a disturbing set of priorities. But hey, a minor inconveniencein a video game because an international relief organization wants to keep the symbol they’ve been using since 1863 free of commercial entanglements is totally reasonable. I’m sure those volunteers getting blown up and killed in various warzones Read more

5:07 AM

Too bad chaos struck before it could even become a saga...

1:03 PM

For all of Skyrim’s narrative faults, it still has better love stories than Twilight.

5:24 PM

I kind of just want a new Endless Ocean...