Shelly Bull - The Killa Bunny
8:52 AM

I seem to rarely come across people obviously ERPing these days (my MMO of choice is The Elder Scrolls Online) but that may be that they generally keep to themselves and meet in their own player housing. Gone are the days when you were almost guaranteed to find a naked party happening in Vaulkhel Guard, for example. Read more

1:56 PM

Read some Anne McCaffrey! The Dragonriders of Pern novels or if that sounds too much like GoT (hint, it’s not actually anything like that but it would be a spoiler if I told you why, lol) how about her Crystal Singers series? That’s a rich and vibrant sci-fi world where the protagonists are mysterious and also Read more

4:42 AM

The Mongoose from the Halo franchise. Like a Warthog but more fun to dive. The tracks we built in Forge are now legendary amongst our friends. Hours of fun! We even staged our own ‘unofficial’ world rallies 😆 Ah... the memories...

12:53 PM

You might be interested in many of the posts on . They sometimes pick a game and treat it like an archaeological site, I wouldn’t be surprised if you found Metroid in there somewhere! Thank you for reading my post :)

12:51 PM

Absolutely! That tripped me up too when I was studying at Uni. There was some discussion on which was the ‘correct’ spelling, in the end the university said they would accept either way just as long as we’d been consistent throughout our text. Thank you for taking the time to read my post. :)

8:22 PM

Haha! A player after my own heart. I do this in Elder Scrolls. I started ESO named my Khajiit Ko’Jarsi, since that was the proper naming convention in The Elder Scrolls. The honorific ‘Ko’ meaning venerable ancestor because this was meant to be the ancestor to all my other Khajiit TES characters. Then I came across a Read more

12:22 PM

Erm... XB1 has had the remote play feature since the Win10 update. I use it to play XB1 games on my Surface, freeing up the big telly for other stuff. This is Sony playing catch-up again!

9:08 PM

To Stupid Love Fool, you’re not stupid but yeah you are being a bit of a fool. But it’s okay, everything you are feeling is perfectly normal, what Dr. NerdLove said was sound advice. I’m speaking from experience, honestly what you wrote could have been written about my husband and I, all of your back story is pretty Read more

4:20 PM

My children are beautiful, a sunset over a beach is beautiful... These are just ugly hunks of plastic with circuit boards and a couple of pieces of rubber. Get real people. Just saying ;)

8:57 PM

My three-year-old loves In The Night Garden. Derek Jacobi is a legend, how he kept a straight face while recording that, especially the singing, I’ll never know! My husband and I get through it by making up our own dark and twisted versions of it in our heads and laughing about it later. We even took our little one to Read more

5:17 PM

I absolutely agree, especially on the quality over quantity point. Remember Shadow of the Colossus? A beautiful but largely empty world, designed as such to intentionally make you feel alone. A game that redefined the term ‘less is more’. I remember one tag-line said “Nothing else feels like this.” And they were Read more