Jan 20

This is just more evidence of the many many undiagnosed or untreated people with mental health conditions in this country.

Dec 31

Bright Sun Films is great. Dan Bell’s channel (his “Dead Mall Series”) also does a great job of capturing that eerie sort of nostalgia present in failing malls.

Nov 19

This title applies to everything done by the combo of Clarkson, May, and Hammond for the last decade.

Nov 16

While I appreciate the batshit insanity of driving a smart car across a waterfall, posts about busted shitboxes with rusty bolts is not explicitly Car Content. Stick to cars! If you guys don’t start posting neat 150 word canned summaries of manufacturer press releases to boost your SEO numbers (and Great Hill’s Read more

Oct 19

Aside from the lack of manual transmission, do people who want a manual transmission want all of the other crap that comes with a modern car? Read more

Oct 5

A first-gen Honda CBX. A Benelli Sei. A Guzzi V-8. Yes, I like cylinders.

Oct 5

All the Homologation Specials from the 90's. 1993 Kawasaki ZX7r, Yamaha R7 with race kit, Honda RC-45 with race kit. US Spec 955 of the Ducati 916

Aug 5

“Trump 2020. Because Biden would have cancelled your rally!”

Jul 9

I love my Fit. Fun, super reliable and cheap as hell. If you want you can add about 10 hp by getting a new intake, exhaust and some spark plugs. Oh, also if you get the stick you have to get a short throw shifter, made a world of difference for me (a lot more like the civic in terms of throw distance). I’ve also taken

Jun 30

oh no! who’s gonna tell me where to spend thousands on garish watches and “british roadtrip 1952” cosplay gloves??? Read more