Nov 13

It looks like the default roman characters from a Japanese typeface-

Oct 30

Diesel Brothers did another (admittedly pretty cool looking) motorcycle-

Oct 19

I bought my current car, a 2013 Honda Fit partially because it has a 5-speed. Honestly though, I’m pretty sure when the time comes to get a new car (which won’t be anytime soon), it’ll be electric, and I’m fine with that. I’ve got motorcycles for when I want to have fun. Read more

Oct 6

I’ve already got my ‘96 SRAD so I can check that off the list

Sep 9

Is it a big deal that Tesla used faux wood trim during assembly of my vehicle? No. Read more

May 21

My 1991 FZR600 winter project turned into my quarantine project-

May 16

It fits 2 bikes and a Fit and it doesn’t flood so it’s all I can really ask for

Apr 11

Jacob & Co. is infamous for making some of the gaudiest watches known to man. This is actually somewhat tame by their standards

Mar 31

There was the infamous Mclaren F1 car with 2 brake pedals-

Mar 14

Mine thankfully had wheels... Who knows what trailer park it’s rotting in these days though...

Dec 22 2019

Speaking of Alfa Spiders, I saw a 1997 example at a classic car dealer in South Euclid, Ohio (A suburb of Cleveland). No idea how or why it was there, and I haven’t seen it since. I’ve also heard some shady things about this particular dealer, and last time I checked, their website only advertised conversion vans.

Dec 18 2019

Prendergast finds it frustrating that there’s money and political backing to study a non-existent transportation system but not to buy new trains or run them more often. Read more

Nov 27 2019

I used to work at a firm that was in the old Baker Electric Car factory here in Cleveland. I think they were one of the larger manufacturers around the turn of the century.

Nov 19 2019

I’m late to the game but here are some I haven’t seen posted yet

Oct 22 2019

Good choice, Tennis is fantastic! I've been meaning to see them live for years now

Jun 16 2019

My dad had 2 oddball cars when I was growing up; a purple Olds Aurora, and a metallic green first-gen A6. (These pictures are just from google, but same colors) Both seem like pretty ideal dad cars to me.