No one is forcing these people to buy a Bronco. If you want it, pay the fee. If you don’t, don’t. If someone else will pay it and you won’t, you lose. That’s part of capitalism. Read more

If the only person who would have reported it stolen (or something ) was dead in the trunk, what would an LP check do? Read more

Full circle...

What? no.  That email was from ford corporate.  The dealers are tacking on the market adjustments, not ford.  The dealers were likely very reluctant to get a final, total price in writing for any of these reservation holders, because it would prevent them from doing this very thing now. Read more

When you try to trade in a stick, dealers lowball you because “demand for manuals is low.” Read more

You’re definitely not wrong, but short term there’s a long list of idiots right behind you that will be perfectly happy to pay an extra $10k over list for your Bronco. Read more

We couldn’t have imagined the enthusiasm this vehicle would generate Read more

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We sat right here in this room and went over this and over this.
Yeah, but that trucoat!
I sat right here and said I didn’t want any trucoat(R)

I love cars and have since I was little. But that said, there has never been a car or truck that I was so horny for that I would compromise principles and finances for it. At the end of the day, it’s still just a car. Read more

But its worth having dealers around for the “Personal Touch” right? Read more

The dealer was going to have to add on a $10,000 markup. Read more

The thing about a stick is that you have full control over where you want the motor to be in its powerband. Read more

For budget-minded buyers looking to row their own gears, the Civic will likely face stiff competition from the 2022 Toyota Corolla Hatchback. The Corolla starts at $21,840 in its least-expensive trim, and can be had with a clutch pedal for that price. Read more

On which Earth are you taking any Stinger at $30k?  Read more

I always take Consumer Reports with a grain of salt... Read more

Honda’s reputation for reliability is anachronistic in 2021. They’re not really that much better than other large brands. Consumer Reports has them trailing behind Mazda, Toyota, Lexus (Toyota 2), and Buick, while only being marginally better than Hyundai. We’re also talking about a performance variant of a the Read more

Honda is for the hardworking people.  Acura is for the people that hire the hardworking people. Read more

^^ I don’t know how Acura overcomes this. They lost all their high end cred many years ago. And this is coming from somebody who’s dream car when he was 16 was an Acura Legend coupe. Read more