12:36 PM

A warrant is a document issued by a legal or government official authorizing the police or some other body to make an arrest, search premises, or carry out some other action relating to the administration of justice. 

12:33 AM

Chid, my friend, I think the poor gent has confused this Duke Lacrosse-Case fellow with the Duke of Venice from Bill S’s Merchant of Venice. He too, like our new friend, wanted his pound of flesh. Leave him to look upon his bond, and maybe even Mr. Rose’s if he’s up to task. It’s the best we do in this forum. So Read more

11:30 AM

I hope they nail this guy. I understand it’s just a catfish now, a junkfish bottom-feeder, but it’s a slippery slope. And worse still, even something Pittsburgh’s own mayor jokes about now. But if the “ignorant redneck,” his words, gets off, it’s only a matter of time until they come for the white fish.

3:51 PM

The good news for Kyrie is that this line of thinking will actually help him earn his economics degree.

2:49 PM

First concert I ever went to was Dion Warwick. My mom took my sister and I with her. It was a free concert and we were dirt poor, which is why my mom took us. Anyway, part way through the concert Dion Warwick introduces a special guest she brought along with her, her niece. Now, this was back before Whitney was a Read more

12:01 AM

That’s kind of a harsh penalty to give a guy with a family history of conflating borders.

4:13 PM

Smoking doesn’t make Jay a bad person. It’s that he and his wife won’t get their children vaccinated and will end up bringing smallpox back and killing, like, a billion people, or however many people live in Chicago or wherever the hell he lives and then the disease will spread. And then people will all be like, Read more

4:04 PM

For what it’s worth, always thought his least produced, darkest, most pessimistic album (which kind of seems like describing a parody of Springsteen and ramping that narrative up as high as possible and just letting go and seeing what the hell kind of album comes out of that process— and maybe that’s exactly what Read more

10:31 AM

The real tragedy is now that she’s dead she won’t even remember anything she accomplished.