The Homework Ogre
5/12/21 1:00PM

OK, I guess disregard all that. I keep forgetting most ISPs are for-profit corporations whose sole reason for existence is extracting as much wealth as possible from people and putting out as little effort as possible while doing it. I’m with a municipal system and we focus on helping our citizens as much as Read more

4/14/21 1:33PM

I don’t get all the hate Picard receives. Yeah, parts of it are a mess and a cop-out, but in that respect it’s very faithful to TNG. Mostly people just seemed to be upset about the cursing in a Star Trek show.

3/31/21 11:14AM

is the process “do everything we can to rehabilitate the American Military Industrial Complex and decry American Political Dissidents like Antifa who are trying to make the world a better place for poor struggling suffering working class people”?

9/03/19 6:31AM

You play a Slazenger 1, don’t you Mr. Trump? This is a Slazenger 7.

11/22/17 10:15AM

Mm. I keep seeing this insult thrown around, but maybe it’s because Blade Runner 2049 was a niche film for sci-fi enthusiasts who had seen the first one. And one major criticism I had for the film was why make a “sequel” when you could just make an entirely new film with new ideas? It reminded me of Star Wars: the Read more

9/21/17 10:45AM

Yeah, that was my (greyed) post too. If I’m home, I watch it on a real TV with something like Apple TV. If I’m out of the house, I use my phone or iPad. I haven’t watched Netflix on a computer screen in years. Read more

9/17/17 11:16AM

Does anyone know if tonic has quinine in it? I think tonic has quinine in it, but can maybe a couple of people independently confirm? What I’m asking, if anybody in Kinjaland wants to comment, is whether I am correct in my shot in the dark that tonic contains quinine. Read more

9/15/17 9:29AM

It is about “family” trees. The Zero of Mayans died with their culture. The Zero on this manuscript is the “father” of the standalone Zero of the indians, and grandfather of the modern Zero, sort of. Read more

9/12/17 12:08PM

Time and Again and The Gift are just people forgetting to turn off Netflix before they get the “are you still alive” prompt.

9/11/17 6:42PM

Here’s the thing: I don’t think MacFarlane intended it to be a parody. I think he meant for it to be a loving homage to Star Trek: The Next Generation, albeit with dick jokes. Compared to something like Galaxy Quest or Other Space, it’s pretty much a straight pastiche of TNG with a lot of Family Guy-style humor Read more

9/11/17 12:03PM

That photograph of the eye is from Hurricane Jose. It says so right in the bottom left corner.

9/07/17 12:23PM

In the UK Star Wars is on NOWTV which is owned by Sky. MARVEL movies cross between Netflix and NOWTV.

9/07/17 12:22PM

I was just about to ask the same, especially since Netflix is sometimes the only streaming provider in some areas, like Latin America.

9/07/17 12:21PM

That was i thoughth too, i live in a sudamerican country and netflix is just starting to work properly now, this make me scream: oh what now!!!