The Homework Ogre
6/08/21 12:03PM

Fingers crossed they manage to stick the landing on this, and allow Loki to have some kind of an end.

6/02/21 9:46AM

We don’t really think of our 900 characters as the Spidey-verse. We have a Marvel universe. The volume of characters we have — you know, wait until you see this next Venom. You don’t miss Spider-Man. Read more

5/25/21 1:09PM

HHGTTG is such an odd beast — radio plays that turned into books that became TV shows and then a movie, almost none of which 100% work right. It’s so weird to me that people think of it as a book or book series foremost, when that’s almost certainly the worst way to experience it (they get worse as they go on, imo, as Read more

5/25/21 12:26PM

I <3 M.O.D.O.K. in any context, but I feel like this gives Doom short shrift. As the Ur-Supervillain, Doom works in literally any context, including comedy (see the LEGO Marvel Superheroes game).

5/04/21 2:29PM

It shouldn’t be easy, though. None of the component parts of DND are a story. DnD is at best a setting (depending on what they’re adapting, though I’d lay money that they’re not adapting much of anything in terms of official settings since they’d have to pay people money that way), and at worst a collection of Read more

4/21/21 8:17AM

James, this is a much deeper reading than any video game tie in comic rightfully deserves and quite possibly has ever gotten.

10/12/17 8:16PM

If she’s moving at or near the speed of light, time dilation would take care of that

10/01/17 10:21PM

The point of promotional material is to allow the audience to pre-judge the show before it comes out. That is its literal intent. There is no other purpose for this video to exist except for people — like Julie or the other folks at io9 — to watch it and decide whether or not the show is worth watching.

9/21/17 10:35AM

Excluding TV and mobile streamers seems like a heck of a gap? In the two years since DD dropped I imagine a lot more people are streaming in exactly those ways.

9/14/17 2:40PM

I’ve never really understood this position, tbh. Of all the things I’ve wanted out of Star Trek, gritty realism and serial storytelling (where it’s usually weakest) are not among them.

9/14/17 12:16PM

I’ve always felt that Voyager had a really strong first season, stronger than any of the other TNG-era shows.

9/07/17 12:14PM

I wonder what the effect will be outside of the States? Those distribution deals are sometimes wildly different.

9/07/17 10:54AM

I imagine it’s quite the opposite, actually. These documents are extremely fragile and irreplaceable and every time you handle or sample(!!!!!!) them you do some small damage to them. I’d be terrified every time I removed it from the vault that I’m going to destroy it through clumsiness or mischance.

8/14/17 12:20PM

Oh for sure. Even at the end of the season, when things are “resolved” it’s pretty clear that they weren’t resolved for her, just incrementally better than they were at the beginning of the season.

8/14/17 11:44AM

I would assume so. JJ was, to me, a show about how the persistence of trauma; letting her just snap a neck out of it would cheapen the whole thing.

8/02/17 6:44PM

Congratulations on all the free time, I guess? If I pick a book off a shelf, and the cover is terrible, I certainly don’t feel any obligation to go any further to confirm that judgement. I just put the book back.

8/01/17 9:07PM

As long as they’re not glued in, you pull the books out and look at their covers?

8/01/17 12:25PM

That you know exactly which fight I was talking about says everything anybody needs to know about this show.