the hem of Larry Birds garment
2:56 AM

right wing news has convinced people impeachment is illegal and they have to stand up and fight the coup.    

10:29 PM

I keep saying that it’s not so much that a racist, sexist, fool like Trump is President, it’s that 60 million people were cool with making a racist, sexist, fool president. Even if he loses the next election and we start to move back towards some semblance of normalcy, those 60 million people will still be here.

7:58 PM

very cool we live with millions of fucking lunatics who think shit like this 

5:50 PM

When I moved to LA six years ago I decided I wanted a local team to root for, so I picked the clippers. They were kind of these scrappy underdogs who were good but also managed to screw it up. The 19/20 Clippers are about to be fun as hell, and I am going to be insufferable for this very long season.

2:39 PM

The sport’s Olympic debut will be a strange one: Climbers will compete for only three medal spots in a combined classification that includes all three disciplines. Read more

1:55 PM

American fool, Russian Olympic Committee already is crossbreed spider and human man. We call him человек и паук and all nations will tremble before him!

11:04 AM

I was cautioned that working in an ice cream truck with unlimited access to free ice cream would result in a) me eating prodigious amounts of ice cream and b) me no longer wanting to eat ice cream. Read more

10:58 AM

Except if you work with a bunch of conservative, Jesus-freaks. Ain’t no one fucking at all. Ask me how I know.

4:48 PM

Fucking hell. Beat me by mere minutes. I’m still gonna star ya for having the same idea. (And why am I still in the grays?)
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3:53 PM

You couldn’t pay me enough to be a budtender these days, at least in CA. When dispensaries used to be MD recommendation only, the atmosphere was totally different: very chill, the budtenders knew their regulars and what they liked, in other words, the happiest place on Earth (fuck Disneyland). Read more

3:40 PM

Dude. Peachtree City would make him rage stroke in under 48 hours.

3:37 PM

I was a lifeguard at the country club where my parents were members. This was in New Hampshire, so it wasn’t actually that fancy, and that might have been the best teen job. I got to hang out with my swim team friends and smoke skunk weed in the woods, sit in the sun all day and listen to music (provided it’s not Read more

3:23 PM

To the eating at your wedding question, there is a tradition, I think with the Jewish weddings, where the bride and groom are supposed to go hang out in another room after the vows and before the reception. She’s Jewish by blood, so we did that as well. The obvious snickering is that you’re gonna bone, but honestly, Read more

3:11 PM

Just as an attorney, the words you’re really looking for are either “unprofessional” or “incompetent.” Largely because professionals 1) generally have to follow some form of Rules of Professional Conduct, 2) those standards are deliberately set by professionals to be an inch high, and 3) breaking those low standards Read more

2:49 PM

Best minimum wage job: Taco Bell in the evening. My manager brought weed, and we’d “take the trash out” several times per night, then come back in and make our own “free employee meal” which would have fed like 6 sober mortals. Also, that late, most of the customers are stoned and/or drunk too, and there were no Read more

2:28 PM

Best minimum wage job I ever had was in college as an extra set of hands in a furniture warehouse throwing trash/boxes into a compactor. The hours were pretty rough, but I just threw headphones in, and worked 40 hours a week pressing a button. Read more