12:18 PM

You missed the sentence “spoilers aren’t an issue for me”? However, I can empathize with people in different regions having different options for watching the sport, and being in different financial situations. It’s called “not being an asshole”.

11:55 AM

Wow. I’m sure this will get me back into the greys, but this makes you into an even bigger dickhead than Schrader in my book. If Jalopnik’s standard for writers is this low, I won’t miss this place.
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11:52 AM

My biggest gripe is that Gawker/ex-Gawker/whatever it is these days tend to cross-promote content across their blogs (Yes, blogs. Not “news sites”. Jesus Christ, raise your standards). So if you go to Kotaku, io9, Gizmodo or whatever, this headline will appear in the upper left corner.
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3:28 AM

Not only that: The villain promotes destabilization of South American countries purely in order to further his corporate interests, yes. But the villain is also modelled on “the smile of Tony Blair and the craziness of Sarkozy”.

3:04 AM

Where I live (Sweden), essentially 100% of all driving licences are for manual cars. I think it’s now an option to get an “automatic only” licence, but that option only appeared a couple of years ago. Hence all driving schools are using stick shifts, and the driving test you take will be on a stick shift. I can assure Read more

9:19 AM

Very, very few NA or NB owners in the Miata community would trade their current car for an NC, even if they were offered a direct trade with no money inbetween. Just like pretty much zero owners of a 1969 Mustang would trade their car for a 1999 Mustang. “Most people just want the latest iteration” isn’t true for car Read more

8:08 AM

Your take is pretty much exactly what I meant by an overly simplified take on the matter (which, to be fair, is very common in sport history). Read more

5:35 PM

The “Ford vs Ferrari” story has been told so many times, and every time it’s oversimplified to the point of insulting the listener, just for pandering to one perspective or the other. Read more

5:26 AM

Like most of those occasions, it’s when armchair engineers (and real engineers) get to poke hole in some marketing bullshit move pulled by the PR arm of a deep-pocketed for-profit conglomerate. Read more

5:45 AM

I went through the car list, and removed everything that is (a) a pretty expensive sports car, (b) a very old vintage car or (c) a race car, to get the following list of “everyday cars I’m likely to see on the parking lot outside my window”: Read more

5:14 AM

I think the most canon way of dividing the work would be the copilot controlling the shields and component heat management (and related to this, the thrust) while the pilot is steering?

6:19 PM

To me, and many other Gran Turismo fans, it’s not about the number of cars or number of tracks. It’s about the complete lack of width. Read more

2:34 AM

You’re not wrong. Other RWD cars with similar lap times tend to not be purpose-built for this particular scenario.

4:43 PM

I can’t believe that anyone on Jalopnik doesn’t appreciate the brilliant 1970s design of the V-35 Courier. This has been my favourite sci-fi vehicle ever since I spotted it in the background when I was nine years old.

5:37 AM

Yup. People’s gripe with this episode isn’t that “hurr durr a girl killed the Night King.” It’s that “we’re in the middle of the single most climactic moment of the series, where one mystical and under-explained character is about to kill the other mystical and under-explained character, and HEYOO, SOMEONE APPARENTLY J Read more

4:35 AM

That’s what happens when you’re agressively marketing “autopilot” features to people who are really enthusiastic about new tech. Read more

7:24 AM

This doesn’t make any sense at all unless you’re assuming that an unproportional amount of large prices have already been claimed by a fluke. If there is only one or two top-tier winners, then this might of course happen. But when we’re talking about as many as 70 top prices, the odds are that if 57 prices have been Read more