May 11 2017

I really don’t get the Richard III society. When I saw them crying as his hearse passed during the internment, I was like “I’ve never felt that passionately about any historical figure, especially one who most likely did all the awful things he was accused of...”

May 11 2017

Are there any actual historical arguments other than “he is an anointed King of England”? Because I feel like that’s the equivalent of saying “we should respect Trump because he’s the POTUS”. It’s hard to evaluate his reign because it was during the War of the Roses.

May 3 2017

They really could have edited the photos down to half what was chosen. First I would have cut is this “sad sand baby”.

Apr 17 2017

This is where I live on basically everything. Criticism is well and good but at some point you have to live your life.

Apr 17 2017

Yes! I usually just can’t with this sort of thing, but this show REALLY does it for me.

Apr 17 2017

Yeah - the books especially struck me as racist :/ I mean, I can contextualize the sexism because history and because it privileges a critical modern woman’s take and negotiation with it. The treatment of indigenous, Black, and the one token Chinese character ranges from superficial to super-offensive (I remember Read more

Apr 17 2017

OK yea there are hella problematic parts...but....OH WELL. I’m all over this shit.

Apr 7 2017

I think the problem the good judge is running into now is that most of these people misusing shade have never heard of “read” or “clapback” but they want to say something “cool” and have heard “shade” thrown around, so they go with that. Read more

Apr 4 2017

I would have liked a Hooper movie (though not one written by Smith). I found myself far more interested in him than I was any of the leads.