The Geek Empress
Jun 20

Kingdom Hearts was designed in a lab to make completionists weep.

Jun 20

But this is Kingdom Hearts, so there will be at least 50 other spin-offs before, including a racing game, strategy game, cooking game, all of which will be released on different consoles, and you need to play all of them to understand KH4

May 8

My old man worked in a factory for 40 years, had 3 herniated discs and now has a titanium scaffold holding his lower spine together. He could have moved full boxes easier than Pence moved the empty ones.

May 3

i will add that its cool you name the dogs after your past dogs. dogs become a huge part of our lives, and i do the same in games(that aren’t going for the cheap emotional crutch of killing the dog...glares at fable 2) so yeah, so many of my in game pets are named after past dogs to remember how important they were in Read more

Apr 24

Awesome gesture, but it’s not nearly enough (I’m not complaining, mind, just pointing out the fact).

Apr 3

Saw it, can confirm. Especially that part where Aerith looks directly into the camera and tells you how to revive her in the original game - I kinda wish I had seen that in the context of the actual story.