The FoST’s are already all gone. There’s not a single new one listed on Autotrader. Read more

The family sure does a good job of sounding like this is a simple shake down of a rich guy because they can. No one forced this guy to get out of his car on a racetrack and give other drivers minimal time to react. While driving on dirt. Read more

I have a hard time believing Congress would approve funding for a mass produced, Turkish built for the US government vehicle given the political shenanigans their beloved leader has been up to. Read more

By the time I was 17 I had owned three of these and spent $10,000 in maintenance.

I had a 2002 Neon for a couple years in college. Now, this was not your normal Neon, this was a PREMIUM Neon. It had a sunroof (read: integrated leaking feature). When the car would sit in the rain a few days the trunk would get wet, and the rear passenger foot well would fill with water. As a college student with a Read more

I wonder what the chances are the driver is using an autopilot failure as an cover for “I wasn’t paying attention....”. Read more

Never seen the appeal of these things...can’t say I find any of them attractive. Read more

“Guys, we need another GoT article. What should we write about?”
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I bought the 5-50 pound version of these 7years ago. They still look new and I still love using them. Great quality. Read more

I bought the 5-50 pound version of these 7years ago. They still look new and I still love using them. Great quality.

A driver-less truck driven through Denver on I-25? Ballsy. Read more

They have been spotted in LA because California was never meant to have so many people in it. The US could learn a few things from Canada, like building bridges for animals where habitats have been cut off from everything else because of housing that 100% surrounds it. Read more

That’s one of the two ramps on I-70 westbound from the Eisenhower tunnels just before Silverthorne/Frisco. Read more

Long time Mitsu fanboy here, I’ve had numerous 3000GT’s/Stealth’s (that were usually broken). This is the first truly compelling American sports car I’ve seen that I’ve actually wanted. I can’t believe I’m saying I actually desire to own a GM product, but this thing looks like a fantastic car. Read more

Let’s ignore for a second who is ‘right’. Read more

“And junking out cars isn’t exactly the most environmentally friendly thing on this earth.” Read more

Except it doesn’t become slow after 3 months of use. Read more

Sounds like a personal problem. Learn to deal with other people’s rights. Read more

Ha, you got me! I guess it was a 96. The hood latch broke so we installed 1 hood pin and one bungie cord. Worked great. Read more

For the same reasons, my 1998 Corolla was the best vehicle I’ve ever owned.