9:09 PM

Out of curiosity, did everybody and their Grandmother go to this museum in the last week or so? Have read/viewed a few other outlets take on the museum recently, Toyota North America marketing maybe or tis the season to visit. Either way, I wish I would have stopped by on my way through Salt Lake last week. Read more

1:58 PM

I have two Manual transmission 2nd Gen Cummins Dodge Trucks (5 & 6 speed). Come down to Texas and you can drive both or we can both drive at the same time cruze. Word of Caution: *The moment I hear you grind a gear or “roll coal”, your walking home (your home not mine). Read more

11:31 PM

As you keep informing us of the updates, now they stated there was nothing “criminal” you can and should request on behalf of The Root release for public information, the police video. It should be provided to you timely and without issues. Bring to light how Mr. Neely was treated unfairly. Also how can he be trespasse Read more

5:16 PM

I am speechless! You should be a public speaker! I know your post was directed towards Angela, but your powerful words would positively impact many who have never heard someone speak to them this way. Take care!

4:35 AM

Ha! so true, unfortunately there are so many parts of Houston that are getting Gentrified into the stratosphere right now. 

11:53 AM

Thank you Mr. Michael Harriot for this article and for being the catalyst for everyone in the comment section. I had to put the phone down and go outside and process some of these unfair truths. Read more

12:09 AM

Too late.. This recently happend in Big Bend National Parks (Texas). Took them a couple of weeks to get it out, while it blocked the off-road trail.

7:46 PM

I just got back into town, and saw the article! I wish I could PM/ DM you....But here goes. *Great Music, Library, French doors & Windows behind the tree, vitnage autos, stories about vehicles & farming that would make a Jalopnik reader faint! Keeping them in check and on their toes!* Read more