Sep 20 2018

All true. I can’t speak for who you are replying to but an issue I have is that while social justice issues are unselfish, that does not preclude people attaching themselves to them for selfish ends.

For example: Hollywood keeps trying to make gender swapped reboots work. They don’t. Women don’t want to be an appendage Read more

Sep 6 2018

In my humble opinion, she’s not as far from those girls as you think she is. Dancing is really three things: Athleticism, Body Awareness, and Emotive Movement. Read more

Jul 27 2018

I’m old enough to remember when this was called Ghost Riding.

Jul 24 2018

I think this article gives an incomplete picture. It completely ignores the work of someone like Sierra Lee, who makes mostly vanilla games (and even the crazier ones have an emphasis on consent). She’s getting 5k/month about the same as a lot of patreons, but I feel like she’s always ignored in these articles that Read more

Jul 23 2018

I think I’m solidly in the minority but I liked that the eyes looked creepy and placed her character firmly in the uncanny valley. I think it played wonderfully into the the fact that she wasn’t human and was struggling with her identity. 

Jun 13 2018

This story is so up lifting and inspiring that happiness can be found anywhere and not only achieve with wealth even though is fiction the prospect of a near homeless being more happy than me a depress guy with a more than decent living is eye opening also a scene where the store manager told kana that of he be more Read more

Apr 17 2018

A decent article but I have a few points of correction: Read more

Apr 9 2018

Something that really throws this show off is that they went waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too hard on the horse angle in some places where they could have simply gone with a track and field analog and gotten the same results without getting so very very weird. Read more

Mar 23 2018
The Myth Making of War

Recently my brother got me Commando 2: Men of Courage, (2001). It’s pretty fun although the controls don’t hold up