10/06/18 9:59AM

There’s a new site I heard of called Newsguard that attempts to rate news sources, be an unbiased checker. It generally rates most of the ‘mainstream’ sources as pretty good when doing basic reporting, but each have their own bias when it comes to opinion pieces. Fox is not rated any worse than the others though, Read more

10/06/18 9:46AM

You can both be wrong though. With polarisation, it’s all too easy to think that opposing the side you can demonstrate is incorrect means you must be right by a process of elimination. Republicans are wrong ergo Democrats must be correct, or vice versa. But no, both sides can be wrong, because being correct is not a Read more

8/04/18 12:02AM

.Arguably that was a sacrifice. That of their public opinion. They knew it would not be accepted by some people in the US and chose to do it anyway. I’m not a USian though, so I can’t really comment on the societal impact. Read more

8/04/18 12:00AM

I think that’s what Saurfang realised in the video...

8/03/18 11:59PM

I’m not sure why they’d be protesting Blizzard anyway. Protesting Sylvanas, sure. But the idea of such protests is that people are choosing to accept hardship in order to make a point. They believe what they are advocating is worth that hardship, and that by saying “I don’t have to be doing this, but I am despite the Read more

8/03/18 8:46PM

Well, they’re not fully removing it—gotta keep those sweet, sweet stat buffs, after all—but they’re using WoW’s appearance-altering “transmogrification” feature to make their shoulder pads no longer appear on their characters. Read more

7/25/18 7:39PM

You aren’t wrong, but the corollary to the acceptance of digital goods as commodities must be the evolution of the transaction system to offer a fair market structure for a commodity with no restriction on manufacture or reproduction. As an example, the early days of ebooks saw some publishers charge equal prices for Read more

7/11/18 2:12PM

Back in 2012, when comedian Louis CK invited a “debate” about the word “faggot,” Slate talked to Stanford University linguist Arnold Zwicky about the slur’s history. The story cited the origin that most people know: “faggot” once referred to a bundle of sticks to be burned, which calls to mind heretics getting burned Read more

7/03/18 3:28PM

It gets worse. The game specifically describes itself as a “gun-breeding” game. It’s an otome. With a female main character. I don’t want to know. Read more

5/11/18 8:37AM

Owl’s Moving Castle. The non-H version of the famous Ghibli film.

4/29/18 6:32AM

Shining Force 2 was possibly the very first game I ever picked out to play for myself, and I still love it. Apart from that goddamn chess battle. That can go screw itself. Oh, and that ending. That was a travesty. Poor Sarah. But overall, an amazing game with a world that begged to be explored further. Read more

4/29/18 6:26AM

The Lifestream concept would be something they’d revisit in The Spirits Within (I like that film, I have no regrets). In general, it also shares quite a lot with the fundamentals of Hinduism and the ideas of reincarnation, but frankly, it makes far more logical sense than any religion I’ve ever encountered. Read more

4/04/18 12:54PM

Yeah, ultimately, FMP is a series that has some humour about war whilst knowing damn well that war isn’t funny, and gradually slides from “Hey, a mercenary in a high school, isn’t he silly” to “Actually, he has reasons for everything he does, and when that world comes to you, you’re the stupid one”. Read more

3/30/18 3:16PM

Girls und Panzer didn’t! The only upskirt shots we got were of the tanks!

3/30/18 3:15PM

To play Devil’s Advocate, not portraying them “that even remotely resembles reality” could also apply to showing them as better than real people are. But I’ve been let down by people far too many times to be unbiased. In my experience, they simply wouldn’t be interested in being friends in the first place.

3/30/18 12:53PM

For a sample size of one, I bitch about driving being stupidly dangerous all the time. It’s not even about personal skill there, it’s also about everyone else on the roads not being stupid. One or the other isn’t up to scratch, and people can die. Doesn’t even have to be those at fault. Read more

3/23/18 3:46PM

That’s not really the problem. I’d be surprised if people were getting upset about adverts actually being for items they might be interested in. The issues arise in the next few steps after that. If your behaviour and preferences can be collected, analysed and sold in order to provide you with more accurate marketing Read more