7:38 PM

You can still see the remains of the plane. They are just south of Mexicali on the highway.

2:21 PM

I just drove a 2007 Defender in the Gazelle Rally. It was a heavy mothertrucker but that approach angle...oh holy hell I just hit dunes straight on, went straight down sheer drop offs. The thing blasted through camel grass like it wasn’t no thang and rock climbed like the bitch that she was. I even had crappy tires Read more

4:47 PM

I’m not inferring that the BLM is sexist. I just saying that the race made up of female drivers and co-drivers. Read more

2:00 PM

The Samurai is actually pretty good in the dunes if you air down. What kills me is that nobody has Maxtrax. They got us through Morocco in the Gazelle Rally. I mean, I only got us stuck once. Okay twice. Maybe five times.

8:10 PM

There is nothing wrong with liking pictures of women with cars. Lord knows I've posed next to enough cars in my life time. The difference is that I keep my clothes on and I actually drive the cars I pose with. Plus, I like to look at pics of guys next to cars so you know, Equal Opportunity Sexism.

11:22 AM

Yeah, it is. That's why I'm an Equal Opportunity Sexist and would want a hott dude on a leash at a car show. Maybe I'll find one at SEMA!!!

12:56 PM

I drive my Miata xcountry every summer. You're only going 1500 miles, which can be done easily in two days...a day and a half if you push it, and even quicker if you have two drivers. At any rate, I always bring: Read more

10:07 PM

Racing with the guys doesn't intimidate me. I race a 2/1600 offroad (racing this Saturday in Barstow!) against guys and gals. But most of the women at gazelles don't come from a racing background. My navigator was in it for the adventure and doesn't have a clue about cars. She can't even drive a stick! For others it's Read more

4:40 PM

Yes. If you look a lot of drivers in motorsports have their blood type on their suit or helmet. Some have it on their car.

4:13 PM

Yeah, she's awesome! Gazelles is different though. It's not a race for speed at all. There are no road books. Just map coordinates and a compass. Points are awarded for shortest distance, not fastest time. the hardest thing for me to learn was to curb my speed!

3:47 PM

I drove a 5-speed manual Isuzu D-Max this year at Gazelles. It's about half ad half to be honest.

2:45 PM

Oh hell we were lost so much our first year! We would be sure the flag was right over he next hill or dune or whatever and then....nada. It was so demoralizing! Our second year we were much better; much more thorough in our navigation. Sabrina sometimes checked her heading every 100 meters or so.

2:42 PM

Thanks so much for posting this! The Gazelle Rally is truly one of the most difficult things I've ever done. My navi was awesome and we finished 29th over and were the top North American team this year. Any ladies looking to participate, tweet me @mmmotorsports and I'll fill you in. Read more

6:37 PM

I already burned this very car out last week. Also, don't judge my presets, mmmmmkay?

7:55 PM

I have no problem with this at all. We all like to look at pretty things, be it Daniel Craig next to a DBS or these ladies next to these big rigs. These photos skew more towards appreciating beauty and art rather than objectification. Read more

12:56 PM

I would love to take this trip as well, except I want to do it in my baja bug so I can go off road. Thinking about swapping out the air cooled goodness for a Subie boxer tho. We'll see. A great read about a woman who did it on a motorcycle is Lois on the Loose.

4:17 PM

Agreed 100%. I am and have always been an Equal Opportunity Sexist and would welcome the sight of a Grid Dude/Product Dude/Trophy Man. But he should be masculine to the nth percent, like Booth Babes are the "perfect" woman.