4/10/17 1:16PM

You do realize that the girl was 10 years old? Do you expect her to wear a tiny business suit?

9/04/16 8:05PM

Yes, my heart breaks for the PTSD suffered by the rapist who got caught, convicted, and was punished with a slap on the wrist.

6/06/16 10:41PM

True. But he did sentence a rapist to 1/4 of the recommended minimum sentence because he didn’t think the fact that he raped someone should have a negative effect on his life. He did make it crystal clear, not just to the victim of this rape but to rape victims everywhere, that he holds rapists in considerably higher Read more

6/03/16 4:31PM

Rapists go for passed-out girls (or guys) because they aren’t after sex (or at least, not just sex) - they want control and power more than anything else.

6/03/16 3:42PM

You can police every aspect of your speech, you can wear the right things, you can get all the degrees and expertise, you can write the most fucking eloquent and heartbreaking courtroom statement and still there are men who will not hear you because they just don’t listen to women.

5/26/16 5:46PM

Yeah, I think I am going to watch it live. I am really hoping for recaps here. It’s crazy that the only reason I started watching this show was that it was free on a United flight. It was the first time I wanted a flight to last longer...

5/05/16 2:20PM

As an actress, I don’t really have an opinion of her. I honestly haven’t seen much of her work. She was an amazing philanthropist, though. During WW2 she worked as courier for the Dutch resistance and danced for secret fundraising events. After she retired from acting she was the Goodwill Ambassador for UNICEF and Read more

4/07/16 9:26AM

This is why the “justice” system is fucked; this kid got probation for rape, and he still couldn’t hack it. Meanwhile, there are people younger than him rotting in jails on charges, not convictions, because they can’t afford this kind of “justice”. People like Labrie can exhaust every benefit of every doubt and then Read more

4/05/16 12:36PM

Good call, I forgot that Robbie prides herself on her acting! It has to hurt all the more. As lackluster a Vreeland as she was I still feel for Robbie, it must be tough to see your drag sisters just destroy SG, and to then do so poorly. I wonder if their successes and Robbie’s acting background gave Robbie false Read more

4/05/16 12:27PM

It was so surprising, right? Like WTF?? SOOOOO many kimonos, I really really really wanted an 80's era Madonna.

4/04/16 10:44AM

I don’t know about criminal charges, but their other children need to be taken away. These white people get to keep their children, meanwhile Native American families have an uphill battle getting theirs back from white foster parents who never had the option to adopt. FFS.

3/22/16 1:38PM

Maybe we can get a fun visual, like the amount of paperwork she’s had to file to try and procure child support (and likely, as a single mom - school enrollment, doctors forms, reduced lunch applications, govt benefits applications, etc) vs how much he's had to deal with in paying and negotiating back child support. Read more

3/11/16 3:56PM

i mean if there is anything hillary clinton is known for, its her next-level satire skills, right?

2/17/16 6:56PM

All you need to know about Holtzclaw is that when a cop in his department saw a pro-Holtzclaw article being shared on Facebook he lost his shit. He was fucking furious and had to refute it. (And almost accidentally jeopardized the case and said a couple of questionable things.) Read more

12/11/15 1:43PM

“He’s saying that in the actual culture that we live in those kinds of bonds between men and women are uncommon, not especially valued, and that the specific norms that govern them are incompletely worked out.” Read more