1/23/17 10:36PM

When a friend of mine was in prison, she decided to try to learn Latin, and I sent her a big Latin book. A great novel which was art-related was “Fates and Furies” by Lauren Groff; I strongly recommend it, and so does President Obama, who listed it in his 12 book recommendations. Google Obama book club for his faves.

7/06/16 8:05PM

Except it wouldn’t be that. If they make all the tech buses emanate from a downtown hub. then the average person will have to walk to a bus stop, wait for an unreliable and crowded MUNI bus, take that towards downtown, probably get off, walk to a different stop, wait for a different unreliable and crowded bus, and Read more

6/10/16 1:11AM

If it’s real rape, the female body has ways of shutting down when slut clothes are placed upon it.

6/05/16 8:34AM

The “next time around” is this coming Tuesday. He’s up for reelection in the same election that we’re having our primary here in Calif.

6/05/16 8:33AM

Yes. The one time i found a young woman so drunk she had passed out on the ground, you know what I did? I talked to the person with her (who was drunk and belligerent and clearly not able to take care of the passed out woman), and then I called 911. What I did not do: lay a hand on her or leave her there where someone Read more

5/26/16 4:32PM

And especially because Rachel has such a fucked up mother, Rachel is looking for Quinn to be a maternal figure, and no matter how manipulative and sleazy Quinn gets, at least Quinn isn’t trying to psychoanalyze Rachel and give her more meds. compared to Rachel’s mom, Quinn is altruistic and caring.

5/26/16 4:31PM

yes! me, too! i sent my hairdresser an email saying, “You have to watch UnReal and tell me whether I should get Quinn’s haircut.”

5/26/16 4:30PM

I feel the same way; I watched Unreal in two days. But my thinking is that although it’s such a great binge show, it is such a critic’s darling that it WILL be spoiled if you don’t watch it as the season proceeds.

5/05/16 5:06PM

It’s driving me crazy that the headline says “Aubrey.” It’s correct in the article, so I know the writer knows better. Please fix it! I’m not even that OCD, and it’s killing me.

4/25/16 4:15PM

It’s true Theon doesn’t know Brienne, but he had just saved Sansa’s life and was the only one there she could check in with. I am sure Sansa overall has not completely forgiven Theon for everything he did, but he’s all she had at that moment in time, and they were raised as siblings.

4/25/16 4:13PM

Yes, for a hot moment there I thought Pod was going to die. I have endured the Red Wedding and Shireen’s death and Arya’s peasant friend’s death and Prince Oberyn’s death and so many more deaths, but Pod’s death was going to really sting.

4/22/16 10:12AM

Re: “the interviewer (unidentified, but doesn’t seem to be Mark Goodman).” Mark Goodman says at the beginning that MTV’s news dept. wrote the questions but Prince had his manager read them to him.

4/05/16 1:31PM

Exactly! And didn’t poor little gothy Laila get offed because she didn’t showboat? You gotta get your giant personality out there to stand out in a crowd of talented drag queens! Not to mention that “Snatch Game” isn’t a team competition. The only time I can think showboating could be destructive on RPDR is during a Read more

4/05/16 1:27PM

You are completely right: that matador look would have been a great one for a drag queen to cover. I was thinking of eighties slutty Madonna, with all those bracelets in a bra and miniskirt with big hair, but I’m an old. Matador Madonna would have been better.

4/05/16 1:26PM

I think they are warm to Thorgy & her schtick, but they just loooooove Bob. Thorgy gets lots of praise from the judges. She just can’t manage to win. But aside from Michelle hating on Thorgy’s makeup, they are fans of Thorgy and have lots of positive things to say. Read more

4/04/16 5:58PM

The biggest deal of being a mother is not how you give birth. Unless you’re a New Jersey prom teen who leaves the baby in the bathroom and goes back to the dance floor. C-sections, I don’t wanna judge.

4/04/16 3:32PM

there’s a huge difference between wanting a natural childbirth & refusing to take your severely ill baby to a pediatrician. Read more

3/30/16 5:25PM

Same experience here. I lost valued friendships over this. Everyone hates the messenger.