The Devils In The Details
Jun 10 2018

I have similar feelings about those brands but my feelings are weight related. I was heavy through middle and high school, but as an adult lost a LOT of weight. I have no ass, and as a result Hollister and Abercrombie are the only jeans brands that I can wear (and I get on sale so I don’t have to pay like $100 for a Read more

Jun 2 2018

I seriously considered “How about a sitcom set in the office of a Republican Congressman from the Midwest, with Goodman as the Congressman, Sara Gilbert as his aide, and Laurie Metcalf as his Campaign Manager? The humor and heart arises from Congressman Miles Bigley trying to balance the Republican Party’s agenda with Read more

Jun 2 2018

John Goodman marries Phylicia Rashad after both of their spouses die in explosions. The Conner and Huxtable families merge Brady Bunch style.

Apr 13 2018

I contacted Woot to report the error, to which they replied that I may keep the second item. Read more

Apr 12 2018

Yes yes my friend. You know more than everyone. You really are smarter than all of them, whatever their fancy degrees might say.

Apr 12 2018

Look, I’m penis not here looking for dink a fight, but it’s weiner misandrist comments like dick yours that make peepee it so hard for men boner and women to unite dong against common enemies like 45.

Apr 12 2018

We live on “Elm Parkway” and not far away there is an “Elm Street.” So we do get occasional misdeliveries. If it’s mail we mark it and put it back in the box for pickup the next day. But one time we got three big boxes via UPS to someone at yet another version of the street name. The outside of the boxes indicated Read more

Apr 12 2018

I ordered Christmas gifts one year - a good $300 order from ThinkGeek, and received a 2nd box with duplicates of most of the items in the first. I called them up and they told me to keep it and have a good holiday, which I totally did.

On the other side, I ordered a carport from a company that delivered it to by Read more

Apr 12 2018

And the whole point of the article is to tell you it doesnt....

Apr 12 2018

I feel better about that case of wine I kept a few years back. Possibly the best thing that could accidentally get delivered. Read more

Apr 5 2018

i can’t even be mad. i clicked into this article. i read it. i did this to me.

Mar 27 2018

Not exactly related but: I hail from the middle of the USA and recently started working in customer service in NYC, and the difference is staggering. My whole training week I could not get over how rude my coworkers (and boss!) were allowed to be to customers; it was amazing. Back in the Midwest I had to essentially Read more

Mar 22 2018

I promise if you only consume vodka you will totally lose weight. There might be some side effects.

Mar 17 2018

40 is the perfect age for everything and those dresses are lovely.

Mar 13 2018

That’s fantastic. “See how much better it looks with a top hat and monocle!”

Mar 12 2018

Just send a picture of Burt Reynolds on a bearskin rug. I’ve sent that pic to dudes and they are oddly bothered by it. 😹😹😹