The Devils In The Details
4/13/18 1:42PM

I got a rainbow tutu, a yellow tube top, and a pair of purple thong underwear. I’m guessing this person was going to a rave or something. I used the tutu for Halloween.

9/14/17 3:00AM

I was thinking this exactly. If it is a “service charge” then it doesn’t need tho be distributed. Tacky as fuck, but legal in California.

8/05/17 8:32AM

I frequently spend more time putting together to-go orders than waiting on my tables, it takes time away from other customers. You should definitely tip on to-go orders.

8/05/17 8:28AM

I’m a waitress that caters largely to military personnel. They tip great, but I have one retiree who likes to pick up the check for a young service member whenever he comes in, add a thank you for your service. It’s super sweet, but he’s a terrible tipper, so everyone he does it I lose $5 tip from whoever he buys Read more

8/04/17 2:59PM

I’m going to be generous and say that sometimes you raise your kids to the best of your ability and they still end up assholes.

7/22/17 4:21PM

 And i forgot about discussing vaginas! My absolute favorite thing to do is say “Vagina” loudly in public! My mother was criticizing my sex life over drinks in the neighborhood bar. I, quite loudly, asked her “Why are you so concerned with what i do with my vagina?” You could almost hear the music screech to a stop, Read more

7/17/17 11:15AM

I read this and sang it to A Yellow Submarine, even before scrolling down. And now I’m never going to get that song out of my head!

10/30/16 7:31AM

My heart goes out to your friend and her family. I had the same thing happen this week, to a lesser degree, and it is so traumatizing. Male roommate beat the crap out of my 24yo daughter and we had to move.

10/25/16 3:04AM

I was raised in California and I swear it’s some cosmic mistake. I really think MA is much more my style. Except for the weather. I love the California weather...

10/15/16 10:45AM

I had a “hot tooth” that they couldn’t numb and had to drill through without Novocaine and then shoot Novocaine directly into the infected nerve. They *should* have held me down! They just told me to hold on to the arms of the chair. Read more