The Devils In The Details
Dec 24 2017
Umm, okay.

I just came out on my patio for a cigarette and found this...

Jul 4 2017

I wear t-shirt shirts and jeans almost all the time. I work graveyard shifts and usually go out in the morning my

Apr 8 2017

I really need to stop geeking out on strangers. A guy next to me in the bar has a tattoo of a person in a gas mask.

Oct 17 2016

I worked graveyard last night and really needed a mimosa when I got off work. I headed to one of the few bars in San

Dec 21 2015

I hate office gift exchanges. I hate playing the stupid White Elephant game. I feel like somebody is always a bad

Dec 15 2015

So, Saturday was my birthday. And for the first time in the 17 or so years that I have had a cell phone, I broke my

Feb 18 2015

Okay guys, LurkerByNature is in San Diego and I think that we should have a Meetup to celebrate! This will give all

Oct 20 2014
The Gutting -TW rape

Has anyone else heard this poem? I read the transcript before watching the video, and the video still had me tearing

Oct 13 2014
How do I fabric?

So, I'm dressing up as young Amelia Pond for Halloween. I've got my red rubber boots on order, I've got my red

Oct 4 2014

I am 7 miles from a stupid military airshow. I've grown accustomed to the fly bys by the Blue Angels. I just wave