Good for him not to cave. There’s a reason comedians don’t visit college campuses anymore. No one in this comment has the right to be a judge for comedy. Joke didn’t work, tons of jokes told in clubs across the country every night don’t work. Doesn’t mean the ship gets abandoned and that person should be forever Read more

“Muslim ban” Psst, this would have affected 7 countries, out of something like 42 majority Muslim countries. Also would only last 90 days. Not a Muslim ban.

Because they use the visa program to bring in engineers/programmers cheaper than they would pay for US citizens to do the same work.

SJW cancer culture didn’t reach a boiling point until 2015-2016. Read more

Liberals have truly gone insane.

You know what Andy Reid finds even more enticing than Tony Romo’s busted ribs? Read more

Really, wow, fascinating... thanks so much for sharing with the rest of us your political views Insomniac employees. You truly are changing the world, with your faux outrage over the top hyperbole, now get back to work.

The only thing very clear is how ignorant and wrong you are. The belief that Jews or Blacks should be cleansed is to be tolerated such as every other belief, no matter how disgusting it is and how much one disagrees with. Thinking this way puts you on a never-ending path to making excuses as to why hitting x person Read more

Its not OK tho. Just because someone might have disgusting ideals that you disagree with doesnt mean you have the right to assault them.

I may disagree with anything and everything he says, but id die to defend his right to say it.

Seems more like he’s asking if the rules regarding politics and religion would be enforced evenly or not.

Joy cons are $80. This is absurd.

Good god, the $50 of the Wii U Pro Controllers was ridiculous enough, WTF warrants an $70 price tag?

“It’s interesting how all of the Trump voters have practically disappeared from the comment sections. Fucking cowards.”

I voted for Trump. What do you want us to say, “grow up and stop your crying?” I didn’t think so, so as we have for the year leading up to the election we’ll probably remain silent and just laugh to ourselves at your meltdowns.

Lol. This is why there is an electoral college.

Rivera was going to send an email to Adam Schefter announcing the punishment, but he couldn’t find his laptop.