I’m a big fan of the Machete Order. How do you solve all the problems with Episode 1? Get rid of it. Read more

It’s the blank far-away stare that puts him over the top. Read more

Should I comment on the hippo being the worst cat or should I not, I know everyone will hate me if I do... but that is the worst cat. Read more

I’ve gotten something different from this series each time I’ve read it. It was both an escape from rougher parts of life, and it lead me to think about a lot of my assumptions about morality/people.

Special feature: When you're one-quarter of a way through a game, an executive comes along and takes it from you. Read more

I pledge all of my disposable income for the next decade to make this an actual thing. Who's with me? Read more

where can I send my money for more of this Read more

Basically what it looked like in my child-like brain when I watched it live. Now what I see on TV..well. Read more

The only reason Birdman won Best Picture is because it's about the anxieties actors and directors feel about movies becoming more focused on brands and franchises. Riggan/Keaton is supposed to be a cautionary tale about how a talented actor made a Faustian deal to play a superhero and ended up living in obscurity. Read more