Imagine if this happened in the NBA. Just some “bad blood” between “tough competitors” with a real “blue collar work ethic” but also a high “sports IQ”. Ugh. Read more

Producers: Here’s a show that’s fun to watch, well-acted, with lots of mysteries, but none will ever be confirmed in the way YOU want them to be. Read more

The dream of the 90s is alive in Raccoon City Read more

Every person I’ve introduced X wing Miniatures to has gotten immediately hooked, and now I have a group of 5-6 close friends I play with on the regular (not counting friends I made through playing the game). I think something about having to buy your own pieces and assemble your own special squad is appealing Read more

Because famous people (even seemingly “down to earth”) have probably never had a real conversation with someone where they had their assumptions challenged. Read more

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You actually missed the best one, The Blackened Mantle. Using the Japanese dubbed versions of 1-3 and subtitles, the creator not only reedited, but rewrote the prequels into an incredible new film that makes sense with the original trilogy. 5/7 - best SW fan art of all time.

After taking a break from Star Wars for a few years (I owned every EU book, video game, and toy as a youngling), my wife got me the Blu-Ray set for my birthday and we watched them all for what was the greatest birthday ever. Read more

ok, awesome... I think I was able to flow that! Read more

Further proof.

I think spilling beer on it mid-party is more dramatic this way. Read more

I had one of those three-foot fully functioning R2-D2s from Sharper Image 8 years ago, and when my friends stayed at my place they were convinced it was possessed. It would wake them up in the middle of the night, spin around and yell at them, then run out of the room. Worse then any pet I've ever had.

Special feature: When you're one-quarter of a way through a game, an executive comes along and takes it from you. Read more

So far, no one has been able to reproduced the results obtained by the Marqués team. Read more

Brienne of Tarth?

Why would torturing someone ever be something Batman does? Or shooting an unarmed hostage? Maybe there are sections where you play as a villain? Has this sort of thing ever effected ratings before? Read more

Today I learned: IGN has a female writer. I am really curious as to what their work culture is like. Read more

Ummm... the pimp stick is absolutely necessary. Only to differentiate him from Maroni on Gotham. Read more

Yup. Living in Boston is basically a combination of I Am Legend/ Ice Age/ Good Will Hunting. Read more

I recently gave away my PS2 and PS3 to a friend with all my best games. It is a decision I will regret until the day I die. Read more