The Cranberry Cap'n
9:37 PM

Interesting, I was thinking the opposite. Final Fantasy character designs tend to be rather feminine by western ideals and I think it plays well to the female gender bending cosplayer.

9:44 PM

No, the dignity of becoming a subject again rather than only known as a racy ladmag painting for the last ~150 years. Nothing wrong with posing as a model but she’s been an obscure sex object for ages. Nice to know the story of the actual person behind the picture.

9:14 PM

It’s not just the word black. I think you’re making a straw man argument. It’s the fact that the “crack the whip” card’s text says “modify a black hero.” Like, that is pretty obviously bad wording. That’s way more than referring to chess pieces by their actual color.  Read more

3:42 PM

Methinks it’s because it’s a game for kids, they’re being unusually apologetic. Like if Peach suddenly had a very jiggly chest during a Smash update, Nintendo would have a similar reaction.

4:20 PM

I want to like this show. But it is so wrapped up in my teenaged years I can’t separate it from cringey teen concepts of masculinity. We failed, at the time, to see Spike as the stubborn failure he is and only saw his pigheadedness as cool and Super Deep, Man

4:06 PM

I mean, I think for your social health spending money to go to put to eat with friends is better than investing in early access to video games. It’s okay to have different priorities and trade offs in your life in how you spend your “fun money.” Unless you’re financially insolvent or unable to save for important Read more

3:54 PM

My time living in Florence for 5 months tells me casual sexual harassment of women is still pretty common in Italian cities. Or it was ten years ago, at least. We were literally told during an orientation meeting with a local police officer that sexual harassment is common (“a national sport”) and we should expect it Read more

11:58 AM

No, Genji was in Blackwatch. He ended up there after Hanzo and Genji fight, and Hanzo “kills” him, which is why Genji is mostly robot parts now. Hanzo never was affiliated with Overwatch, Blackwatch, or Talon. He runs the Shimada family crime syndicate.

3:06 PM

I mean, fans made Hanzo and McCree a thing when the two characters have never met. In absence of any kind of actual lore content people fill in the blanks, usually with porn. 

2:51 PM

It usually means “I don’t care and I don’t think anyone should either” rather than an accurate reflection of public opinion  

5:30 AM

io9 used to be so great until they merged it into Gizmodo. Gizmodo’s commenters always sucked. 

9:21 AM

Two years in. By then there’s a decent amount of released quality games and any bugginess or weird launch problems are smoothed out. 

10:42 PM

Yes, and honestly the last movie’s director was very clear throughout the film that he was turning a lot of expectations on their head. Is Luke off making a meditative plan somewhere? No, he’s hiding from his mistakes as a grumpy old man guarding moldy books and guzzling blue milk. Do our intrepid heroes take over and Read more