You’re not an intelligent person and nobody values anything you have to say. Read more

Makes me wish that orange authoritarian fuck would roll around in some broken glass and smear feces all over his open wounds. Oh wait, that was GG Allin. But I think Iggy worked with some glass, too, if I’m not mistaken. Read more

The moment I saw someone mention it looks like song lyrics it’s been playing to the Papa Roach’s Last Resort in my head. Maybe it’s because it looks like something a band like this would write but also because This is the final word fits really well into This is my last resort. And both scream of desperation. Read more

I think we could take it pre-punk, like The Stooges. Iggy Pop smearing raw meat on himself while reading Trump’s lines seems about right. Read more

That’s exactly it. You can tell when he’s being forced to say or read something when he doesn’t want to. It’s like a bored elementary school student being made to read out loud in class. Read more

It.....  always...... cracks..... me...... up..... how.....bad...... Trump...... is...... at...... reading.... teleprompters.......  You know, really, really bad, people are always saying that, really bad.  And..... then..... he..... goes.... back..... to..... whatever.... it.... was.... he..... was.... saying.  A lot Read more

I want nothing!
I want nothing!
I said there
was no quid
pro quo! Read more

Honestly, Twitter’s highest purpose is comedy. The character limits and immediacy make it a stellar vehicle for that. It’s of no value to anyone otherwise, because everything else on there is garbage or irrelevant.  Read more

Trump’s vision is very poor, but he’s too arrogant to wear glasses and too inept to insert contacts. He writes those giant notes in Sharpie so he can actually “read” them. Which, of course, makes them easy to spot in photos.  Read more

That note brings new meaning to "pen stroke". Read more

I listened to it twice. Called an ex-girlfriend, just to hear her breath... told my Dad he doesn’t “get me”... felt like 2001 all over again. Good times. Read more

“I Feel Pretty” I think, and yes, definitely. Read more

I keep reading it in the spirit of “I’m so pretty” from west side story
Read more

The emo one was perfect, especially that slow-motion ending shot. The “Ramones” one I loved, but to be a pedant for once, it sounded less like the Ramones and more like early Social Distortion (but I still loved it). Fuck Morrissey. Read more

This is a much better use of Twitter than hosting Nazis. Read more

It was not fun listening to the likes of NPR try to spin this. Read more

I’m off to trying to turn this into a sparse existential late-era Johnny Cash country song. Read more