May 24

...it’s rare that I actually bother to pick over the bones of this place these days but finding you still at the coalface has genuinely been heartening Read more

Nov 22

He may be humble enough to say it’s just the opinion of a comedian...but it tracks awfully close to the opinion of one of the acknowledged inventors of the world wide web - Tim Berners-Lee himself in this years BBC Richard Dimbleby Memorial Lecture:
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Nov 21

if you weren’t some sad-sack loser doppelganging you rshitposting antics like you still mistaken believe it’s clever maybe you’d have better luck... Read more

Nov 20

fair - I just think the dump-’em-into-the-void option could come off the bench out here in the back alleys of Kinjatown. Read more

Nov 20

yo dude, bra...that karlchilders troll thing is thirsty for a banhammer if you haven’t punted the dipshit into the shrieking void already.

you’re generally a little more pitchforks & firebrands than me but that trump’pologist tool is prime material for some old school rough justice Read more

Nov 15

I wouldn’t presume to speak for another...but I have spoken with a particular other in the above exchange - at some length, even - & I believe that while the above gets across quite eloquently the sentiment fhg (fundamentallyhubristicgobshite, perhaps?) evokes...it speaks to a wider point that bears expanding upon.

Nov 4

these two accounts can only comment now, sadly...but if http://ifyoubuildit.kinja.com is still up tomorrow I’ll try to get that done if I have a moment...

Nov 3

You know a lot of things have really touched me since I set up this account in a fit of displaced nostalgia. Read more

Nov 1

With both SplinterRIP and DeadspinRIP for some reason I was able to get into the comments for a couple hours before being denied access, not sure why. Please let me know if there’s going to be a respawn or if we’ll be gathering elsewhere. I have a Twitter account that pretty much exists to follow metal bands and will Read more